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Time against Dr M as snap polls loom

The former premier is not budging from his insistence that he is the best man for the top job but he may be running out of time amid talk of an early general election.


Monuments of change

LAST week I argued that improving our institutions should be according to our historical circumstances, laws and the desires of Malaysians, even though lessons should be taken from international best practices.

On Your Side

Jobs are available out there

AT the end of March, the Department of Statistics conducted an online survey to gauge the impact of the movement control order (MCO).

One Man's Meat

E-learning under plastic sack roof

WHEN Ryverra Wiviani Rinus googled "digital divide" using her mother's phone in their home at Kampung Bomboi in Keningau, Sabah, she couldn't download a page.

Along The Watchtower

The way to regain public trust

THERE was a time in the not-too-distant past when the people’s trust in our police force was unshakeable. The mere presence of the “mata-mata” evoked fear among crooks.For a few decades after independence, there was no doubting the people’s confidence in the police. Above its vital role in maintaining order, the commitment of the police to uphold the rule of law was unquestioned.

All the pieces matter

Pakatan should advance boldly, not scramble backwards

Don’t look to a past filled with marriages of convenience; build a stronger future on a foundation of well-defined shared values and ideals.

Over the Top

Death of a nation — what it means

IT IS universally accepted that every­­thing has an end. However, there is no broad agreement on what an “end” is and its form or nature.

The Bowerbird Writes

Rebooting the creative industry

Leadership is sorely needed in an industry that is not merely about entertainment. The priority is to look at creative content industry from a totally different perspective.

Colours of China

Longing to be back in Beijing

After five months of being home, Malaysians living and studying in China are eager for the borders to open again.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Positioning for Sexual Advantage

Questions for Dr G from Positional Peter.

The Star Says

Honouring the fathers in our lives

TODAY, on Fathers Day, we honour the bond between fathers and children.

It's Just Politics

Will Dr Mahathir bend a knee to Anwar?

The Opposition’s fight over who’s the best candidate for Prime Minister goes ever on, with nobody willing to compromise, it seems.

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