China's new energy products captivate at Hungary's GreenTech conference

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  • Saturday, 25 May 2024

ZALAEGERSZEG, Hungary, May 24 (Xinhua) -- Cutting-edge sustainable energy products from China were on display at the Greentech conference in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary this week, drawing the attention of industry leaders and government officials.

Tang Rui, founder and CEO of Shanghai Cantron Robotics, stressed the groundbreaking innovations his company has introduced to the European market.

"What we want to enable is autonomous driving plus combined energy storage to build a mobile energy solution for society," Tang told Xinhua in an interview during the conference.

His company's latest product is a Level 4 autonomous driving energy robot equipped with a 104 kWh battery. The robot can be summoned via the Drop'nGo mobile app, offering a convenient charging service that eliminates the need for fixed charging stations.

"Our robot does more than just charging EVs: it can also charge back to the microgrid to help with electricity usage," Tang said.

This innovative approach addresses the challenges of infrastructure investment, making it a more cost-effective and efficient solution for accelerating electrification.

Tang is optimistic about the future of his company in Europe. "The European market is very important for us. Hungary, in particular, is a crucial portal due to its significant battery manufacturing capacity," he said.

He emphasized that his company is working with partners in Hungary and other European countries, such as HUMDA, WHB Energy, and IonDynamics Energy.

Meanwhile, chief organizer of the GreenTech conference Karoly Kovacs emphasized the growing importance of Chinese companies at the event, as well as on the broader Hungarian market.

"We have several Chinese exhibitors this year, including major players like Cantron Robotics and BYD. They have brought fascinating innovations such as autonomous electric car charging robots," Kovacs told Xinhua.

These robots are not only autonomous but also fully programmable, capable of navigating cities to find and charge electric vehicles before returning to their base.

Kovacs praised the high quality and innovation of Chinese companies' offerings.

"Chinese companies are now at the forefront of innovation across many fields. Their presence in Hungary is increasingly significant, both at the governmental level and among the general public," he said.

The Chinese exhibits at GreenTech were interactive, including hands-on demonstrations and presentations.

Kovacs predicted an even stronger presence of Chinese companies at GreenTech events in the future. "This year, companies like NIO and BYD approached us to participate, showing their keen interest in our conference," he said.

Energy Minister Lantos Csaba highlighted Hungary's commitment to enhancing energy security and sovereignty, as it prepares to assume the presidency of the European Union Council in July. "Our main task will be to restore Europe's competitiveness, particularly in securing energy supply," said the minister.

He highlighted Hungary's significant achievements in renewable energy, including over 6.3 GW of solar capacity, ranking the country third globally in solar energy production last year.

Lantos acknowledged the challenges posed by the intermittent nature of solar and wind energy, emphasizing the need for effective energy storage solutions.

Additionally, Hungary is expanding its battery storage capabilities, and continues to invest in nuclear energy. The Paks I and future Paks II facilities play a crucial role in the nation's energy mix.

The minister also highlighted the potential of geothermal energy and biomass as part of Hungary's strategy to achieve energy independence.

The GreenTech conference featured 80 exhibitors and 20 industry presentations focusing on topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), the circular economy, and green transportation.

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