Professor’s adorable son crashes live Al-Jazeera interview

  • World
  • Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018

In an event reminiscent of a BBC interview with political science professor Robert Kelly that went viral in 2017, five-year-old Rainier “Razor” Smith-Rowsey crashed a Skype interview with his dad, adjunct professor and film historian Daniel Smith-Rowsey from St. Mary’s College of California.

Host Sohail Rahman and Professor Smith-Rowsey were discussing the Golden Globes when the surprise guest joined the conversation.

“Umm,” Smith-Rowsey said sheepishly as his young son appeared behind him. “That’s my child, excuse me.” Rainier decided to weigh in on the interview on Al-Jazeera English from the family’s abode in Berkeley.

The professor told Today in an email: “I saw him coming in and cursed myself for not locking the door […] Razor and I had never discussed protocol about this, so I hoped against hope that he would sense that he shouldn’t be on camera.”

Last year, Professor Kelly was hilariously interrupted on a BBC interview by his daughter, who barged into the room to be followed by her younger brother.

Rahman took the incident in his stride well, saying, “We’re quite happy to have youngsters on the program, too.”

While Smith-Rowsey attempted to continue the discussion on political statements at award shows, his son kept himself entertained by running his toy car on his dad’s shoulder. He even weighed in when his father asked him if he agreed with what he was saying, when he responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Smith-Rowsey told Today that he was just trying to make the best of what seemed to be an embarrassing situation. When the segment drew to its close, the adorable father-and-son duo signed off with waves. - The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network