Chinese kindergarten staff disciplined for sharing photos of boys’ genitals

Authorities in Shenzhen sacked two senior staff from a kindergarten, detained three and fined another after they were found to have taken and shared images of boys’ genitals.

The five women and one man from Shenzhen Meilin Kindergarten in Futian district infringed the children’s privacy by taking and sharing the photos among themselves, Futian police said on Wednesday.

The principal, a 37-year-old woman named Xiao, and the school’s founder – a 76-year-old woman named Ren who was employed as a school doctor – were sacked after the incident last week, the Futian district education bureau said on Wednesday.

Another doctor and two nurses were detained for five days, while a member of staff was fined 500 yuan (US$74), police said.

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Xiao and Ren were exempted from detention by the police because Xiao was a mother with an infant and Ren was older than 70.

Neither police nor education officials explained why the pictures were taken, but police said a “thorough investigation” had taken place and the images were not seen by anybody outside the group.

Xiao told at the weekend that a nurse found some of the boys touching themselves and worried they had hurt themselves. Xiao said the nurse took pictures as a precaution and sent them to Ren, who was off duty and not in the building.

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Parents learned about the photos from their children a couple of days later, the report said. The parents doubted Xiao’s explanation and contacted the police.

In September, a kindergarten principal in Shenzhen was sacked after trying to liven up a back-to-school ceremony with a pole dancing show.

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