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Meet the coder-turned entrepreneur who introduced 'Angry Birds' to China

Chen’s firm raised HK$745mil (RM398mil) in one of the biggest floats for a Chinese gaming company this year.

In 2009 Chen founded iDreamSky in a two-bedroom apartment in Shenzhen with a team of seven including himself. — SCMP

RFID technology could be next chapter in Hong Kong’s public libraries

Government looking to revamp computer systems that support city’s 70 public and 12 mobile libraries that reach the end of serviceable life by 2021. Technology would allow users to check out items instantly by tapping their mobile devices.

Under the proposal, equipment such as check-out terminals and book drops at all libraries would be fitted with radio frequency identification (RFID). — SCMP

Three Chinese teachers detained for ‘stabbing kindergartners with toothpicks’

Parents say their children were warned that if they reported the abuse they would be punished even more
School’s legal representative dismisses claims of wrongdoing by teachers

Singapore editor charged with defaming government

Singapore (AFP) - The editor of a Singaporean website was charged with defamation Thursday for publishing a letter alleging corruption among the city-state's leaders, with rights groups criticising the "heavy-handed" response from authorities.

Singapore is regularly ranked among the world's least corrupt countries and its leaders are sensitive about accusations of graft.

Families of Lion Air crash victims demand search for wreckage continues

Jakarta (AFP) - Dozens of family members whose loved ones were killed in a Lion Air plane crash rallied in the Indonesian capital Thursday, demanding the search for the jet continue.

The Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX vanished from radar about 13 minutes after taking off from Jakarta on October 29.

Cops confirm arrest of missing top photographer, says wife

BEIJING: Police have confirmed that a prominent Chinese photographer who has been missing more than a month was arrested, his wife said.

Missing Canadians raise stakes in three-way dispute

BEIJING: The apparent detentions of two Canadian men in China this week have raised the stakes in a three-way international dispute with the United States.

Thailand deports Cambodian critic wanted over documentary

PHNOM PENH: Thailand sent back to Cambodia a labour activist wanted by authorities at home over his role in making a documentary about sex-trafficking that the government said contained fake news, police said.

Cambodia to ease political ban

PHNOM PENH: Cambodia’s parliament amended the law to let banned politicians petition the government for a return to politics, which could see restraints lifted for more than 100 members of the main opposition party, dissolved last year.

Man who claimed wife drowned in Phuket, murdered her for multi-million insurance claims

A man from Tianjin, China, is alleged to have murdered his wife during a family vacation in Phuket after buying up more than 30 million yuan (RM18mil) in life insurance policies in her name.