IJM Rimbayu unveils Phase 21:The Promenade

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  • Monday, 18 Mar 2024

The Promenade is where vibrant retail, dining, and entertainment converge, shaping the community's diverse experiences.The Promenade is where vibrant retail, dining, and entertainment converge, shaping the community's diverse experiences.

IJM Land introduces The Promenade as an extension of its commercial development that is poised to redefine the commercial and retail experiences at IJM Rimbayu.

Scheduled for launch in Q1 of 2024, The Promenade will offer a multifaceted experience that blends retail and lifestyle propositions in a truly sustainable manner. The development aims to emulate the function and appeal of promenades in ancient Rome as central hubs for the community to congregate and engage with one another, albeit with a contemporary twist at IJM Rimbayu.

The envisioned development seamlessly integrates an all-encompassing commercial district designed to function as a transit hub, catering not only to IJM Rimbayu residents but also serving as a convenient layover stop for road-weary interstate travellers. The emphasis is placed on visually appealing aesthetics and architecture, coupled with lush and crowd-pleasing landscaping and intuitive passive design implementations.

Strategically positioned at key connecting junctions leading to major highways such as Lebuhraya Shah Alam (KESAS), Lebuhraya Kemuning – Shah Alam, Expressway Lingkaran Tengah (ELITE), the South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE), Lebuhraya Kajang Seremban (LEKAS), and the upcoming West Coast Expressway (WCE), The Promenade features advantageously positioned ingress and egress points.

Plus, it benefits from being the catchment area for significant local and passerby footfall from neighbouring Jalan Kebun to Bandar Saujana Putra, while serving as a transit stopover for those avoiding heavy traffic on the ELITE highway to the nearby often frequented mature towns Banting and Jenjarom at Kuala Langat.

The Promenade boasts a Gross Development Value (GDV) of RM300mil, making it a critical and pivotal transit hub that seamlessly links the entire network of IJM Rimbayu’s residential and commercial constituents as a fluent whole.

This careful integration of well-developed infrastructures and spacious driveways in and out of The Promenade ensures not only accessibility but also a fluid thoroughfare to the pulsating heart of IJM Rimbayu, which also includes other key commercial components.

Envisioned as a centralised gathering hub that fosters togetherness through the hosting of social events and activities, The Promenade is an extended open invitation to residents, and passing visitors from surrounding neighbourhoods.

This thoughtful layout not only enhances navigation and wayfinding but also contributes to the overall cosiness and easy-paced ambience of the space. With wide-open and walkable spaces, there are ample opportunities galore to excite and elevate the level of interactions within The Promenade.

The Promenade represents Phase 21 of IJM Rimbayu and will blend community convergence and dynamic retail experiences while embracing sustainability with a GreenRE Bronze assessment certification. It will utilise passive design principles and measures that naturally result in energy efficiency and overall comfort for occupants, without relying on overt active mechanical systems.

The meticulous planning of the layout for these GreenRE-certified 110 shop offices within The Promenade follows a north-south orientation to minimise direct sunlight exposure while also harnessing the availability of direct sunlight to generate electricity through solar PV panels on the roof of the buildings.

Priced from RM2.09mil, the layout of the shop offices maximises natural cooling and ventilation. Neatly configured in parallel rows, of eight to ten units each, larger three-story corner shop offices flanking two-storey variants beckon with their wide 25-feet storefronts that are wider at 32 feet wide on the upper levels, providing flexible and multi-functional spaces for various commercial activities.

With air conditioning outdoor units placed above the 1st floor, there's wider fenestration on the office floor layouts, enhancing the welcoming facade of the frontage, and creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors by also allowing ample natural light to illuminate the interiors.

Coupled with the 4-foot high concrete exterior walls, this provides a sturdy backing for the placement of highly visible signage.

Similarly, covered verandahs along the storefront and a 4-foot-wide pedestrian walkway are perfect for leisurely strolls during retail therapy, window shopping, and social get-togethers. Apart from storefront parking spaces, there's also a centrally located strip of parking spaces on both sides, enhancing the accessibility and visibility of all shop office units.

To enhance the inclusive design, tactile tiles and paving have been incorporated for ease of movement. The incorporation of external pathways for disabled individuals (OKU), along with accessible ground floor toilets, aims to improve overall accessibility by creating obstacle-free zones within The Promenade. Additionally, family-friendly amenities, such as spacious walkways and seating areas, have been provided, considering that the majority of the neighbourhood shops are intended to serve the community.

"IJM Land is renowned for curating lifestyle-centric spaces, and The Promenade's upcoming commercial concept exemplifies this commitment," says IJM Land senior general manager Chai Kian Soon.

"Our vision for The Promenade is grand because we see it evolving into a vibrant lifestyle nucleus pulsating with diverse experiences right here in Bandar Rimbayu. Offering an array of lively retail, dining, and entertainment options, The Promenade will be the epicentre of the community's rich tapestry of experiences."

The Promenade will epitomise IJM Land’s distinction as a premium developer with a steadfast commitment to green and sustainable design. This approach solidifies The Promenade as a harmonious space for everyone with a strong connection to nature.

Effortless navigation at The Promenade, where shops along the boulevard ensure you're always on course.Effortless navigation at The Promenade, where shops along the boulevard ensure you're always on course.

The individual rows of shop offices are arranged around a prominent central green axis called The Boulevard, linking the shop offices via a wide thoroughfare that is easy to navigate. This thoroughfare is clad in bright-coloured finishes to accentuate The Boulevard. The combination of soothing-coloured finishes and pockets of greenery, including a colonnade of trees providing cooling shade, also adds an elegant touch to the surroundings.

With a focus on green initiatives, The Promenade embodies IJM Land’s dedication towards establishing new standards in responsible commercial development. From maximising natural lighting to incorporating renewable energy sources such as solar panels for the ground levels of the shop offices.

The commercial addition to this thriving community, boasting a residential population of 15,930, with an additional 30,000 residents residing within a 5km radius of The Promenade, further underscores the developer’s commitment to ensuring the needs of a diverse and growing community are prioritised including the proposal of building a mosque and schools here.

It is envisioned that this will further enhance the values of residential properties within the precincts of Flora, Fauna, Bayu, and others in the vicinity due to its aesthetic appeal and functional provisions. This is evident from the successful commercial launches of IJM Land’s Uptown and Uptown Square, coupled with the high occupancy rates at the now matured Blossom Drive and Blossom Square. The spillover effect is expected to be felt at The Promenade.

This will only serve to further enhance the variety of commercial and retail offerings at IJM RImbayu.It is projected that there will be 6,500 residential units surrounding this area, providing convenient access to many residents upon the maturity of the township.

Chai adds, "Here at The Promenade, we're ensuring that the commercial component of shop offices takes centre stage, seamlessly integrating with the vibrant lifestyle elements. It is a place where a simple stroll becomes invigorating, surrounded by lush greenery and captivating aesthetics. We want everyone who comes here to not just shop but to have fun, interact, and thrive as a community."

This commitment is evident in the careful infusion of greenery throughout The Promenade. The various pockets of greenery not only enhance its visual but also regulate temperature, transforming The Promenade into a harmonious, functional, and inclusive space.

For more information, log on to www.rimbayu.com.

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