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  • Monday, 27 Nov 2023

HELP University’s SASA students gearing up for an educational adventure that is pulsating with excitement and brimming with boundless possibilities. These exceptional individuals are on the brink of something extraordinary, where every moment is a chance to discover, learn, and embrace the limitless potential that awaits them.

Embarking on the thrilling journey from high school to university life is both exhilarating and filled with challenges. As a budding student, you are about to step into a realm of self-discovery, social connections, and financial responsibilities.

HELP University recognises the hurdles you may face, and that is why it is thrilled to introduce the School Achievers Study Awards (SASA) 2024.

Since its inception in 2005, SASA has been a beacon for deserving students like yourself, offering an opportunity to flourish beyond conventional academic achievements.

The varsity’s commitment, encapsulated in its mission to "help people succeed in life and live a life of significance through education," underscores its dedication to your success.

SASA goes beyond the classroom, instilling the motto of living a life of significance through community service projects like the SASA Gives Back Project, annual SASA Charity Concerts, visits to children's and old folks' homes, and engaging in fundraising events.

It believes in shaping not just students but compassionate contributors to society.

One of its SASA Year 2020/2021 Award recipients, Jolene Woo, who is currently studying for her degree in Accounting and Finance from University of Derby says, “Embarking on my SASA journey was a transformative chapter of my college life, a chapter filled with the dynamic energy of changemakers and motivated individuals.

“Shortly after joining SASA, I found myself catapulted into a leadership role, a pivotal moment that tapped into the unrealised potential in me.

“Now, as an alumna, the friends I made in SASA continue to make a positive and reverberating impact wherever they go. Here at HELP University, I was inspired, empowered, and fulfilled. This opportunity changed my life, and it could change yours too.”

The SASA Batch 2022/2023 immediate past president Chin Yuo Jun recently completed his Foundation in Arts adds, “SASA truly allowed me to grow as an individual. Not only was I able to improve upon my holistic leadership skills, but I also uncovered many skills that I did not once know I had.

“This realisation allowed me to build up my self-esteem as an individual. Furthermore, through numerous volunteering sessions within SASA, I built strong connections with the community and made many new friends and relationships along the way. SASA was not just a thing I did; it was a whole experience that shaped me.”

If you are a high school leaver with aspirations and achievements, the SASA Award might just be the key to unlocking your potential.

To qualify, you need to be an online social media influencer, a leader involved in extraordinary extracurricular activities, or a sports enthusiast with notable achievements.

Once the varsity decide that you are eligible and have successfully accepted the SASA Award, your journey comes with a multitude of benefits:

  • Full financial assistance for HELP's pre-university programmes and one year of financial support for Undergraduate programmes.
  • Guidance from industry leaders, providing opportunities to showcase your talents within and beyond our campuses.

And most importantly, its SASA recipients have a higher chance of securing employment with key industry players upon graduation.

The opportunity awaits but remember to submit your application by Jan 31, 2024. Visit https://sasa.help.edu.my to apply online.

For any queries, you may call 012-928 0864 or email sasa@help.edu.my.

Do not miss out on this chance to turn your aspirations into achievements. The SASA Award is your gateway to a future of significance and success.

You are invited to the Exploration Day by HELP University on Dec 2, from 10am to 4pm at Subang Bestari campus to explore your life after high school, visit its vibrant campus, meet the dedicated academics and enjoy the offers the varsity have for you.

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