Penan villagers cut off from outside world due to floods

MIRI: The Penan natives living in two of the most remote villages in the heart of central Sarawak have been cut off from the outside world due to floods.

Some 183 people living in Long Kajang and Long Abit settlements have had their road links severed.

The State Disaster Relief Committee has deployed emergency food aid to these Penans using boats.

Long Kajang and Long Abit are located in the deepest parts of Belaga District in central Sarawak near the Sarawak-Kalimantan border.

The State Disaster Relief Committee in its latest update on Monday (June 10) said emergency food aid had reached the Penans.

The food-aid delivery were sent by boats from the Murum Dam area via a nine-hour boat ride on Sunday. Dry food like rice, biscuits, noodles and canned food, cooking oil and drinking water were delivered.

Joining the food-aid delivery team were officers from the Belaga District office, the Welfare Department, Civil Defence Unit and Murum state assemblyman Kennedy Chuk Pai.

Heavy rains have caused floods that are wreaking havoc in interior central and northern Sarawak since middle of last week