Residents furious at loud music in the wee hours at Kaamatan bazaar

KOTA KINABALU: In May every year, Sabahans celebrate the harvest festival known as Kaamatan, with the grandest located at the Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA) compound in Penampang, which this year has drawn the ire of nearby residents.

The loud blaring music that lasts till the wee hours of the morning is rubbing them the wrong way.

Many have taken to social media, including Facebook, to vent their frustrations, urging businesses to be more considerate to residents.

A Facebook posting by Penampang Bulletin, who also shared the post from a user, showed a message that reads "at 7.30am, KDCA still blasting music."

"KDCA really needs to consider and look into the loud blasting music till sunrise, it's 7am, for God's sake!" the message said.

User Glenda Robert said traders should be more considerate.

"I don't mind the stalls staying open 24 hours but the blasting music till morning is so inconsiderate," she said.

Robert said even if businesses wanted to continue playing music and allow patrons to sing till morning, they should at least turn down the volume.

Tom Bee Ruo said: "Can't even sleep properly. Please KDCA, send a circular to turn down the volume of music after midnight.

"Respect your neighbours, do not be selfish and think too much about making money," he added.

Some are complaining that the loud music was affecting babies and children, who need to go to school the next day.

However, there were others who called for people "to loosen up as it's only once a year that KDCA turns alive."

KDCA vice president Datuk Daniel Kinsik, who is also the state Kaamatan main implementing and coordinating committee chairman, said they were aware of the complaints and action was being taken to address the matter.

"Our management is taking action to ensure that the closing time is adhered to strictly," he said when contacted.

The offer letter to businesses stated that they could operate from 8am to 1.30am daily.

However, the businesses are saying people should have gotten used to the music and traffic congestion by now.

"It is like this every year, so I think they should have gotten used to it," said one.

Another said they had no choice but to continue letting patrons eat and drink as they needed the money to pay the stall rental which could go up to RM10,000 or more depending on size and lot area.


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