A pair of crocs (the predator, not the popular footwear) spotted near Sarawak jetty

MIRI: Two huge crocodiles have been sighted near a jetty in Sungai Igan in central Sarawak.

Boat passengers managed to "capture" the creatures on camera and video.

The images showed the crocodiles each measuring at least the length of three adult humans.

They were seen approaching dangerously close to people who were waiting at the jetty.

Nature lovers posted these images on their chat groups and social media sites in Sarawak.

The Star checked with the Sarawak Forestry Corporation officials and they confirmed that the sightings of the crocs were recorded recently at Sungai Igan in the Mukah district in central Sarawak.

"The images are real and they are really of crocodiles that are still out there.

"We have not managed to capture them yet," said a senior wildlife enforcement officer.

Sarawak rivers have a big population of crocodiles.

It is said there are monster-size crocs lurking in many of the rivers in the state's deep interior.


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