Middle path leads to unity, says Anas

Chinese version: (From left) Department of National Unity and Integration director-general Datuk Baharin Idris, Waytha Moorthy and Anas at the book launch.

PETALING JAYA: Taking the middle path formula of compromise will enable the country to move towards a united nation that many Malaysians visualise, says moderation advocate Anas Zubedy.

“Since I started speaking and writing about choosing the middle path, many have responded by referring to the middle path as being neutral.

“But taking the middle path is not the same as being neutral; this is a misconception,” he said during the launch of the Chinese version of his 2012 book The Middle Path: An Alternative to the Partisan Madness.

According to Anas, believing in the middle path leads to action, taking responsibilities, siding with justice and the truth, solid foundations and being committed.

He said this was contrary to the views of a neutral person who, instead of taking action, accomplishes nothing, shirks responsibilities, is non-committal and sits on the fence.

“The middle path guides us to the right way, in the right measure and at the right time,” he added.

Anas said the book was not a direct translation from the original English version, adding that it was updated from China Press which had translated and carried parts of the book in a column in 2014.

He said the book sought to bring the middle path to the mainstream.

“Within its pages, it bears a visualisation of Malaysia as a shining example of one people with many different cultures and backgrounds living in unity. Living in unity because we have found the right formula to compromise through the middle path.

“The book visualises that our politics will reach a level of maturity where extremes are not played and where certain important issues like education, health or the economy are dealt with above and beyond politics.

“Also, that everything in Malaysia is no longer divided along extreme political partisan lines and our politicians would choose to lose rather than exaggerate, lie or cheat.

“This visualisation can only happen if Malaysians give up being overly calculative and stop arguing over who gets more in every single matter.

“We need to learn to give and take and choose to share. But, everyone must get enough.

“In fact, the poor, regardless of race or background, should get the most. We need to give up being partisan to extremes and rise above petty politics and other inconsequential squabbles,” he said.

Anas added that it was important to create more avenues such as the Say Something Nice campaign that was aimed at promoting unity, as well as books about unity such as The Middle Path.

National Unity and Social Wellbeing Minis­ter P. Waytha Moorthy, who launched the book, said it was a noble effort by Anas to ride on the middle path and to take the effort to get the book translated into Chinese.

Waytha Moorthy said the book was “very thought provoking” and should be presented to schools and universities.

“The middle path is not something new and unfamiliar. It is actually a path of shared va­­lues,” he said.

He said that all faiths emphasise the middle path in pursuing growth and social harmony.

He also applauded Anas who has successfully combined business goals and a social cause together with his numerous unity programmes.

Waytha Moorthy hoped that more corporations would follow Anas’ footsteps to promote unity.

The RM35 book is available at all MPH Bookstores nationwide.


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