Retired cops go online with emergency services app

PETALING JAYA: Retired policeman will spring back to action under a modified SOS mobile app which will use their services.

The MMSOS app (pic) has roped in the Skuad 69, a welfare organisation for retired police officers who will act as first responders in emergency situations.

The emergency response app, which was first launched last July, already has about 5,000 sign-ups with the membership fee set at an annual RM365.

“With the app, anyone facing a distress situation need only press the panic icon on the app and the emergency services and first responders will be alerted at once,” MM Synergy CEO Lim Kean Lam said.“The retired policemen will be those living near the scene,” he told reporters after signing an MoU with Skuad 69 president Datuk Abdul Aziz Bakar here yesterday.

The MMSOS app, presently only available for iOS device users in the Klang Valley, will be expanded to Android devices soon.

Lim said unlike other mobile panic apps, MMSOS also provide links to counselling services to assist people in distress.

“We find that many in such situations are also traumatised.

“If the use of the app picks up, we will expand it to other parts of Malaysia,” he added.

Abdul Aziz said the security app gave an opportunity to exploit the services of ex-police personnel who were still fit.

“In 1969, we had the biggest intake of policemen and now we have over 4,000 retired police personnel in our organisation.

“Many of us are still fit and able to help the public.

“Those who respond will be paid an allowance for their services,” he added.

Lim said Bukit Aman was aware of the project, and that emergency services such as the Fire and Rescue Department and medical department were also informed.

“Realising that it was well-received by the public, we decided to team up with Skuad 69 this time to help prevent crime,” Lim told reporters.

MM Synergy chairman Datuk Wan Abd Hamid Wan Mahmud, a retired deputy commissioner with the Special Branch, said many police retirees were valuable and their services should be made use of for the good of the public.

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