Kuan promises smokers a safe spot to puff

  • Nation
  • Saturday, 23 Feb 2019

SEMENYIH: In a bid to fish for votes, Kuan Chee Heng is targeting smokers, pledging to give them a safe spot to puff away in restaurants and eateries.

Despite a non-smoker himself, the independent candidate claimed coffee shops were “half-dead” following the smoking ban by the government.

“Smokers have rights too. Business is now slowing as Chinese like to sit down in coffee shops and have a chat in the afternoon.

“At my age, I want to see my friends. They drink coffee or beer while taking a puff,” he said after launching his war truck for the by-election campaign yesterday.

Fondly known as Uncle Kentang, the 56-year-old former cop made headlines for his charitable endeavours as the 10-sen man.

Kuan said he supported the ban but poin­ted out that such a decision should have considered the current economic climate.

“Before cigarettes die, business will die first. So who will suffer? We support the smoking ban but leeway must be given,” he said.

Among Kuan’s other election pledges include extending his ambulance and 10 sen taxi service to ease the financial burden of the poor and needy.

He also pledged to provide free food to every place of worship, so that the impoverished would never be hungry.

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