Former cop demands justice, claims falsely imprisoned under Emergency Ordinance

KUALA LUMPUR: A former police officer is now demanding justice after claiming he was falsely detained without trial under the Emergency Ordinance (EO) for three years beginning 1997.

Mohd Ali Amir Batcha - who was formerly an officer attached to the Serious Crime Unit (D9) - submitted a memorandum to the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) on Wednesday (Jan 23), in an attempt to pressure the police to reopen the investigation into his case.

“I want to highlight this because I have made three police reports last December, but the police still have not begun investigations.”

Amir, who spoke to The Star after submitting the memorandum to Suhakam, said his detention under the EO resulted in the loss of his career and pension.

“The government must be responsible,” he added.

According to Amir, he was detained in Simpang Renggamwithout trial for three years, after being falsely accused of heading a group of elite police officers from the Unit Tindakan Cekap in a series of robberies in Johor in 1995.

“I was accused of the robbery, but it took place on June 16, 1995. I was already transferred to Selangor on May 20, 1995 but they still accused me," he said.

Amir also claimed he was illegally dismissed from the police force while he was detained under the EO at the Simpang Renggam prison.

“When I was imprisoned, I received a letter of termination. The reason for terminating me is because I embarrassed the police by entering prison.

“But who was the one who imprisoned me? The entire process isn’t right,” he added.

Amir is now demanding for compensation for being falsely detained without trial for three years, the wrongful termination of his position as a D9 officer, and to reopen investigations into allegations that he masterminded the series of robberies in Johor.

The memorandum was submitted to Suhakam commissioner Datuk Lok Yim Pheng on Wednesday (Jan 23), who promised to look into his case.

Amir added that he had submitted the same memorandum to the Prime Minister’s Department, Home Ministry, Attorney General’s Chambers and the Police headquarters.


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