Cameron’s BN candidate refuses to debate with fellow candidates, says has nothing to hide

CAMERON HIGHLANDS: Barisan Nasional’s by-election candidate Ramli Mohd Nor (pic) has shot down the opportunity to debate with the other candidates.

Met after a ceramah at his village in Kampung Mensun, Pos Mensun, Ramli said there was nothing to debate, especially with Pakatan Harapan.

“What is there to debate? They threatened my people to take away their salary,” he said, referring to the Friday incident where orang asli Senator Bob Manolan Mohamad was alleged to have threatened some Tok Batin if they refused to support Pakatan Harapan in the by-election.

During a Bersih 2.0-organised ceremony to sign pledges for a fair and clean by-election after the nomination, its chairman Thomas Fann said they were planning to have a live debate involving candidates of the election.

The debate could be shown on television.

When asked on his absence from the pledge signing ceremony, the former senior police officer said:

“You tell me, my opposition, PH, are they clean?”

“You can be rest assured; I will be clean,” he said.

Ramli also said he was proud to represent the orang asli, especially from the village.

“If I win, I will be the first to represent my people,” he said.

During the ceremony, all three of Ramli’s opponents, Pakatan Harapan’s M. Manogaran and the two independents Wong Seng Yee and Sallehudin Ab Talib, signed the pledge.

Fann said Ramli was not against the pledge, but was merely busy with his responsibilities and tight schedule.