Sex education in the works

KUALA LUMPUR: Two ministries will discuss the possibility of introducing sex education in schools after it has been shown that many students are sexually active.

Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Hannah Yeoh said she would meet her counterpart from the Education Ministry soon to work out details on the proposed sex education syllabus.

“It is alarming that 9% of students in Remove (Peralihan) classes are sexually active,” she told reporters after attending a forum on the Increase in Child Abuse Cases yesterday.

Remove classes are for some vernacular students – typically 13-year-olds – transitioning from primary to secondary schools.

Yeoh said the sex education subject would not be introduced right away, adding that it would take time to work out the details.

“We will also discuss the measures during the interim period so that students can be made more aware of sex education.

“It is about time we overcome the taboo of sex education. If we don’t teach our children about sex education, then somebody else will, and they might teach the wrong things,” she said.

Yeoh also called on the relevant agencies to share data on crimes against children, especially in child abuse cases.

“Such sharing of information can assist the relevant ministries and agencies in mapping out places and those responsible for such crimes.

“If we can reduce child abuse cases by 20% this year, it would be good,” she said.

Yeoh said the responsibility of combating and preventing crimes against children did not rest solely on the police or her ministry.

“It is the responsibility of all to be a child activist. Only together can we combat this menace effectively,” she said.




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