Beware fake WhatApp message on senior citizen benefits and angpow

PETALING JAYA: Several Selangor DAP assemblyperson have warned of a fake message on Selangor welfare scheme that has been going viral and resulted in many senior citizen turning up to make their claims.

Kampung Tunku assemblyperson Lim Yi Wei, Bandar Utama assemblyperson Jamaliah Jamaluddin, Bukit Gasing assemblyman R. Rajiv and Subang Jaya assemblyperson Michelle Ng Mei Sze posted the warning on their Facebook, telling the public to beware of inaccurate information being spread about the state's social welfare schemes.

The fake information told senior citizens above the age of 60 could apply for a senior medical card, a 'Senior RM2,500 Platinum application', as well as a 'Happy New Year red envelope' containing RM100 per family.

The WhatsApp messages said that people would have to apply for them in the first week on January.

The assemblymen said there was no such thing as a Senior Medical Card or Platinum Card.

However, they said the state had the "Peduli Sihat" programme ( and the Skim Mesra Usia Emas for beneficiary to claim a total of RM2,500 upon the death of an elderly.

The elected representatives also said there was no truth to the "Happy New Year red envelope" mentioned by the Whatsapp message.

"There is, however, a programme called Jom Shopping for Chinese New Year, where households earning less than RM1,500 may apply to obtain vouchers worth RM100 to purchase groceries in a designated hypermarket on an appointed date," they added.

"Please help us share (this message) when you see (the fake message) in your chat groups.

"Many senior citizens have been coming to our offices only to find out that the information is wrong, and it is saddening to have to turn them away," the assemblypersons added.

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