Rafizi: Rivalry within PKR demonstrates a 'lively' party democracy

SHAH ALAM: Rafizi Ramli says that any rivalry displayed between candidates during the nine-week campaign period for party polls shows that PKR practices a "lively" democracy.

Rafizi's comment came after he and rival for the PKR deputy president post Datuk Seri Azmin Ali were seen embracing in a show of unity during the PKR National congress here on Saturday (Nov 17).

He said that it was natural for any large party to have different views and ideas among members.

"These differences, if managed in an objective, organised and cultured manner, are healthy for the organisation," Rafizi said.

He added that the delegates' messages in the congress and the show of reconciliation between him and Azmin, helped calm down feelings.

Rafizi added that there was a difference between the rivalry displayed within PKR and that displayed by opposition parties.

"When Umno has differences of opinion, they split – same with PAS.

"Our culture is different … it has always been noisy and lively.

"Perhaps society is still getting used to a lively democracy, but I think this will change in the next three to four years," said Rafizi.

Similarly, Azmin said that the show of unity between him and Rafizi was what PKR members wanted to see.

"That was the members' sentiment, they want to see a strong and united party leadership as we are the biggest bloc now in Parliament.

"Yes, they can accept competition and that is part and parcel of the party's constitution, but once we settle the party elections, we must move forward," Azmin said, after the two-day PKR National Congress was adjourned for Saturday.

When asked about party positions, Rafizi said it was too soon to comment.

"Let's not jump the gun, we still have to wait for the official results announcement tomorrow (Nov 18).

"I leave everything up to (incoming president) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, as it's up to him to organise the leadership to help him as both party president and (future) prime minister," Rafizi added.

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