Group of Perak fans slam association president for disrespecting the Malaysia Cup

IPOH: A group of football fans have slammed Perak Football Association (PAFA) president Hasnul Zulkarnian Abdul Munaim for "disrespecting" the Malaysia Cup and called on him to resign from the post.

The group set up a stall to collect signatures for a petition to have him to step down at the Memory Lane Sunday market at Jalan Horley here on Sunday (Nov 4).

A photograph of Hasnul Zulkarnain, who is also a state executive council member, putting the trophy between his thigh while resting near a swimming pool had been viralled on social media and deemed inappropriate by netizens late last month. 

The group's spokesman Mohd Jeffery Amin Abd Hamid said the trophy was considered sacred to football fans and Hasnul Zulkarnain has tarnished the state's image.

"He needs to go. We will only put this matter to rest when he does so.

"The trophy should have been kept safely and not simply displayed to his whims and fancies," he told reporters.

"Bear in mind that the trophy will also need to be presented to the Perak Sultan and to be paraded throughout the state," he said.

Hasnul Zulkarnain has since issued an apology for his ignorance and said he had no intention of disrespecting the trophy.

Mohd Jeffery Amin said as of 11am, the group has collected about 2,000 signatures during the half-day protest.

"We don't have a target and want to get as many as we can. We will then send the petition to the PAFA office," he said.