Basement wall collapsed in Citta Mall, PJ, due to heavy rainfall

PETALING JAYA: A wall collapsed at the basement of a shopping mall in Petaling Jaya due to heavy rainfall.

In a statement on Saturday (Nov 3), Citta Mall said flood waters that overflowed a monsoon drain from outside the mall premises had pushed down a small part of a wall in its basement car park on Friday (Nov 2) afternoon.

Photos of the collapsed part of the wall were shared on social messaging application WhatsApp.

"At the material time, the portion of the wall that broke up into pieces fell on an unoccupied section of the car park.

"The flood waters that gushed in had washed stone debris near eight cars parked about 10 metres away.

"The run-offs caused partial flooding in parts of the carpark by about 5cm," the statement read.

It said the mall’s engineers found that all adjacent retaining walls were intact and the mall’s structural integrity was unaffected.

"By nightfall, the debris was cleared by the mall’s maintenance team.

"The mall’s operations were unaffected by this incident, and the team will continue monitoring the premises for everyone’s safety," it said.

It also hoped that the local authority would investigate the incident and check if existing flood mitigation efforts were sufficient to prevent a recurrence.

Citta Mall