Azmin: Ministers' spouses can no longer tag along on short overseas work trips

PETALING JAYA: Ministers travelling overseas for short work trips are no longer allowed to bring their spouse and full entourage along, says Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali (pic).

In a forum organised by Sinar Harian, Azmin said the new ruling is part of the government's effort to reduce expenditure.

"We have made the decision that if ministers go overseas, they cannot bring their wives along, unless the work trip is more than seven days," he said.

"If the work visit is only one or two days, they cannot bring their wives and it will not be paid for by the government," he said.

Azmin added that the minister cannot bring his whole entourage as well, and is only permitted to bring two officers.

"This is our work culture. We are going to work, not for holiday, shopping or golf," he said.

He said under the previous administration, it was common for ministers to arrive for a work conference three days before it starts and leave three days after it ends.

He said the ministers would go golfing while the wives go shopping.

"Now they have to arrive on the day the conference starts and depart on the day the conference ends," he said.

"This is our guarantee from the government to save money, because this is the rakyat's money," he added.

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