Relatives of abandoned girl show up, claim she ran away

Kamalanathan and the girl holding up a copy of the police report.

SUBANG JAYA: A few relatives of a 10-year-old girl who was found abandoned at the Pasar Seni bus station in Kuala Lumpur showed up at a welfare home here, but the expected happy family reunion did not materialise.

The girl's elder sister, brother-in-law, and grandmother – who drove here from Perak – showed up at the welfare home here where the girl was being housed on Thursday (Oct 11).

However, they then decided not to take her home.

The girl's brother-in-law said this was not the first time she had run away from home.

"The girl runs away from home with her mother every few months. She won't go to school, smokes and sniffs glue. We are tired of trying to look after her.

"We came because we thought she was staying in a stranger's house, but now that we know she is in a welfare home, we are happy to leave her here to study and be happy," he said when met outside the welfare home in Subang Jaya on Thursday.

The family members, who did not want to be named, said the girl is the second youngest of several siblings who were all abandoned by their 48-year-old mother after their father passed away due to diabetes.

"I have been looking after all of them including the youngest, a one-year-old boy.

"I have enough responsibilities with taking care of my wife and my own child.

"We wish her well and if she is happy here, then she should stay here," said the girl's brother-in-law.

The girl also told her family that she wanted to stay with the welfare home instead of going back to Perak with them.

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Global Keselamatan Manusia Malaysia representative T. Kamalanathan, who rescued the girl from the bus station and sent her to the welfare home, said he is already in touch with the Welfare Department and will let the authorities decide her fate.

On Wednesday (Oct 10), the girl was discovered by a man wandering around Pasar Seni crying for her mother.

The girl was allegedly abandoned by her mother after an argument. The pair had been at the bus station for 10 days prior to this.

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