Pakatan launches GE14 manifesto

SHAH ALAM: Opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan launched its manifesto for the coming general election on Thursday night.

Pakatan secretariat chief Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said the manifesto, which comes with five main thrusts, is the manifesto of a "government-in-waiting".

He said the manifesto was a collaborative effort of Pakatan partner parties, formulated after speaking with among others, academics, civil society groups, economists, professionals and former civil servants.

"Our manifesto is a practical manifesto to improve and build Malaysia and can be implemented.

"We are not promising the moon and the stars," said Saifuddin in his speech.

He said provisions in the manifesto has been successfully implemented in Selangor and Penang and thus can also be successfully implemented nationwide.

He also said Pakatan decided to launch the manifesto on March 8 because it was the same day in 2008 during the 12th General Election that the Opposition won big.

The manifesto's five main thrusts are:

? To ease the burden of the public

? To reform the nation's administrative institutions and politics

?To shape the nation's economy in a fair and just manner

?To reinstate the rights and status in Sabah and Sarawak as enshrined in the Malaysia Declaration 1963

? To build an inclusive, moderate and bright Malaysia in the international arena.

Under the five main thrusts, the manifesto also has five commitments which are to modernise Felda and return it to its former glory; to ensure equitable rights, fairness and harmony for the Indian community; to take care of the welfare, health and rights of women; to develop the talents of youths and create opportunities for them as well as to acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices of senior citizens.

The manifesto also pledges 10 reforms in five years after the general election if Pakatan Harapan forms the government.

Among the proposed reforms are limiting the tenures of the prime minister and mentris besar to two terms only.

Besides limiting the prime minister's tenure, the manifesto also promises to restructure the Prime Minister's Department as well as the Cabinet.

The prime minister will also not be allowed to helm other portfolios especially the Finance Ministry.

The Pakatan manifesto will also reduce the number of ministers in the Prime Minister's Department from the current ten to three.



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