Encouraging good deeds from a young age

PETALING JAYA: Supermodel Amber Chia (pic) takes her seven-year-old son to visit orphanages and homes for persons with disabilities.

“He had a lot of questions because he didn’t know there are people living in a very different home environment from his.

“But this is good, because it teaches him to appreciate how lucky he is, that he has a dad and a mum and can go to school, and it also teaches him to be caring to those who are less fortunate,” said Chia.

This emphasis on giving is the reason why Chia is supporting the Star Media Group and SkyWorld Development Group’s #DaretoCare campaign, a joint charity initiative to address the needs of selected welfare homes.

She said that the campaign – which allows the public to donate necessities that are affordable – can encourage involvement in charity.

“It’s a small amount so they can start learning the process of giving,” she added.

The 36-year-old said that the campaign provides an easy way for the public to give to those less fortunate than them.

“There are those who need our support, who need our care, which is why I agree with the name of the campaign as well, #DaretoCare.

“It’s straightforward!” she said, adding that she feels the drop-off points are easy to access, making charity accessible for all.

Singer and actress Elizabeth Tan has been involved in church-based charity work from young.

Photoshoot Amber Chia for DareToCare at Menara Star. AZMAN GHANI / The Star

“I remember going into an orang asli village when I was eight or nine.

“It was a humbling experience, and coming from a comfortable family, it was a wake-up call to other people’s realities,” said the 24-year-old.

Tan said that she is supporting the #DaretoCare campaign as she believes in doing good at any opportunity.

“Any campaign that raises awareness on the underprivileged is a good cause and there is no reason for anyone not to support it,” she said, adding that the focus of the campaign in donating necessities rather than money also helps create awareness that charity is not just about money.

The campaign encourages members of the public to give and help the less fortunate by filling in gifts or donations of essential items in the given brown paper bags.

So far, 100,000 copies of The Star in the brown paper bags have been distributed.

The filled bags can be dropped off at SkyWorld’s property galleries in Sentul, Setiawangsa, Bukit Jalil and Setapak from now until Feb 15, where the developer will collect and distribute the items to selected welfare homes.

Alternatively, donors can also get the paper bags at any of the property galleries, or drop off the donations directly.

For more details about the campaign, visit www.skyworld.my/# daretocare or e-mail daretocare@thestar.com.my.

As a token of appreciation, SkyWorld will give away GSC movie tickets to donors; terms and conditions apply.



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