‘Hiring maids directly allows women to rejoin workforce’

A Sabah Wanita delegate has applauded the move to allow the direct hiring of foreign maids from nine source countries, saying this will spur housewives to rejoin the workforce.

Noraini Idris @ Judiet Fidilis, who is from the Penampang division in Sabah, said it could serve as an incentive for women with families to go back to work.

“Once they can hire directly, they will be able to contribute to the economy,” she said when debating the motion of economy at the Umno General Assembly 2017.

In Budget 2018, the Government had announced that employers could hire foreign domestic helpers directly from nine selected countries without going through an agent.

Noraini said many women found it tough to juggle between their work and family without maids.

“With this initiative, they will no longer be burdened as they have helpers to take care of their children,” she said.

Puteri Umno exco member Noor Aeiza Hassan urged the Government to stop foreign workers from benefiting from subsidies on price-controlled items.

She said there should be a me­­cha­nism to ensure that subsidies were only enjoyed by Malaysians.

“I believe we have been giving foreigners enough subsidies,” she said.