Tengku Zatashah: Putting an end to bullying is everyone’s task

KUALA LUMPUR: Preventing bullying is a task that falls on society as a whole, says Tengku Zatashah Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

The Selangor princess said it was important for everyone in the community to work together to address the scourge.

Speaking to The Star after launching the #StandTogether campaign, Tengku Zatashah said there were those in the community who did not see bullying as an issue that they needed to address.

“(They say) ‘it’s not my problem, I don’t want to deal with it’ and I think that has to change, because we are part of a community. We live in it.

“I’m not directly involved with schools as I am not a parent, but I feel very involved because I want to take care of my community,” she said.

She added that people should not let bullying become worse than it was.

“As bystanders, we can’t just let it slide because if something tragic were to happen, it will also be on your conscience, ‘maybe I could have done something, maybe I saw it, but I didn’t do enough’.

“You don’t want to go through life like that,” she said, adding that to stand with the victims was also an important act, as it could stop the bullying,” said Tengku Zatashah.

“It’s better to have numbers, of more (people) standing together and saying, ‘this is wrong’.”