Penang's Line Clear Nasi Kandar back in business

GEORGE TOWN: Fish heads the size of bowling balls simmering in curry and jumbo prawns dripping with spicy sauce — these are the dishes food lovers in Penang will enjoy with Line Clear Nasi Kandar back in business.

The restaurant reopened at 6am Friday after being forced to close when public health enforcers found rat droppings in the kitchen following an inspection by the Penang City Council on Monday.

It was ordered to close for two weeks but owner Sahubar Ali Md Haniffa began spring cleaning and appealed to the council and state Health Department. 

On Thursday, the Department inspected the premises and gave the green light for the restaurant to reopen. 

A customer known only as Ah Seng was pleasantly surprised to find that the restaurant located between  Penang Road and Chulia Street was open again.

He parked his motorcycle and quickly grabbed a plate of rice, a curry chicken drumstick and a glass of kopi-o.

"I knew it was shut and couldn't resist when I saw it open again.

"I eat here three to four times a week. Good that it's back in business," he smiled.

The popular restaurant was ordered to close on Monday for the first time since it opened in 1930 over public health violations.