Screen icon of 1940s Kasma Booty dies

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  • Saturday, 2 Jun 2007

KUALA LUMPUR: Veteran actress Kasma Booty, a classic beauty and silver screen icon in the late 1940s and the 50s, is dead. 

She died at her home here early yesterday after a bout of pneumonia. She was 75. 

Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin were among those, including film luminaries, who paid their last respects to the late actress. 

Actor-comedian Datuk Aziz Sattar, said Kasma, also known as the “Malayan Elizabeth Taylor” in her time, was responsible for his serious involvement in acting and singing. 

Kasma: Veteran actors and actresses lauded her as a person who taught many others about singing, dancing and acting

“I was a singer in 1948 and went to see Kasma perform at a stage show titled Cempaka in Singapore. 

“Seeing Kasma act made me determined to continue singing and to go into acting. She was so beautiful,” he told Bernama. 

Aziz said Kasma’s beauty was so captivating that clothes, shoes and even slippers were named after her. Some of the items had her picture on them. 

He added that Kasma, born of Javanese and Dutch parents, was a talented actress. 

“She had beauty and was photogenic in those days. I admired her.” 

Kasma was the first person Datuk Maria Menado, also known as Maria Abdullah, met when she first set foot at in Singapore. 

Maria admitted, however, she had never acted alongside Kasma. 

“I did not know anybody then. She was the first person I saw. 

“Although we were of similar age, I regarded her as my elder sister because we were both from Indonesia,” she said. 

“She taught me a great deal about singing and dancing,” added Maria. 

Another veteran actress, Datin Umi Kalsom, said Kasma taught others a lot about acting. 

Kasma was buried at the Klang Gate Muslim cemetery here after Friday prayers. – Bernama