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  • Thursday, 20 Dec 2012

While many do all sorts of things to try to make Dec 21, 2012 a no-happening day, punters see luck even in the darkest moment.

IT is so interesting to see the sharp contrasts in human behaviour as the 24-hour countdown begins to the Dec 21, 2012 “end-of-time” theory as predicted by the Mayans some 5,000 years ago.

A large number of people, punters especially, are heading in droves to the lottery outlets.

I heard from some kaki judi (avid gambler) friends that the number 2112, and all other number combinations with the digit 1 and 2 are hot numbers.

These hardcore gambling addicts have not repented, it would seem.

End-of-time is not going to stop them from gambling.

Nothing can stop them from their obsession. Even if the sky were to fall and the earth beneath their feet starts cracking and breaking apart, they will still have to make a try at their gambling dens.

Then there are those who are addicted to the massage parlours. I observed that the amount of business in these ‘foot’ massage places in Miri City has not dropped despite the fears of an impending apocalypse.

Again, end-of-time is not going to curb these habit of seeking the pleasures of these ‘massage’ as can be seen from the manner that so many men are being attracted to the so-called masseurs, particular those tagged as China dolls.

For these foot massage addicts, they would willingly welcome the end-time in the hands of these masseurs, in the literal sense of the word!

I also heard that the hardcore alcoholics are stocking up their supply of liquor, Cap Ah Pek, tuak, Carlsberg, Tiger and the likes.

These kaki botol (alcoholics) will not be able to face the end of time without a healthy dose of these fiery liquids in their system.

Getting drunk and walking around senseless or slumped along the verandah of the longhouses totally oblivious to anything is the only way they can face the end of time.

Look around the drinking holes whether in the cities and towns or in the rural areas and it’s obvious that the hardcore liquor addicts just cannot stop themselves from indulging in their habit. They are glued to the bottles, just like drug addicts are glued to substances.

And then there are those people who are so afraid of what may happen come Dec 21 (tomorrow) that they are stocking up their supply of candles, food, bottled water and fruits.

Even here in Miri, there were some aunty-aunty from my church who have offered me biscuits. They have also advised me to bless some candles, just in case.

There are certainly an increasing number of people going to pray, including those who seldom go to church.

I don’t know whether they have suddenly become more inclined towards God because they have a change of heart or because of fear, but whatever it is, at least they are looking in the right direction.

And the media, including television stations locally and all over the world, are having a field-day highlighting all sorts of documentaries, interviews and footages concerning the coming of Dec 21 celestial events that are predicted to take place.

The past month showed the History and National Geographic channels overtaking others in terms of excitement because they kept showing programmes relating to predictions of the end of time.

There was even a programme talking about debates by mankind on whether God actually exists.

The programme broadcasters said that during times of impending disasters and tragedies, mankind usually turn to God for solace and help. That is not true in every instance.

As I have mentioned during the early part of this column, nothing can sway those addicted to gambling, the massage parlours, the liquor bottles and other vices.

Nonetheless, the History and National Geographic channels have several very interesting episodes of historians, philosophers, scientists and religious experts trying to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the Mayan predictions and some predictions as mentioned by prophets in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Over the past few days, there were programmes on the History channel focusing on Nostradamus, the 16th century mystic who was said to have accurately predicted many global events that took place during the past 100 years or so, including the destruction of the Twin-Towers in New York in 2001.

Last week, I watched at least two programmes that touched on the teaching of Jesus Christ. There were quotes and interviews from some who had studied the teaching of Christ extensively.

They tried to explain some of the future events foretold by Jesus in his preaching as recorded in the New Testament. They claimed that Jesus had mentioned about the end of time.

I may not be an expert in interpreting the Bible or the teaching of Jesus, but definitely, there is no mention of any specific year as to when is the end of time.

Such an interesting week indeed. But the most happy moment for me is when I got a call from my dear friend Jackson Mangai, a blind street musician.

Jackson asked me to go to his house and see him. He wants to talk to me about some going-ons at his house.

Senadin assemblyman Datuk Lee Kim Shin had liaised with the Rural and Regional Development Ministry to construct a concrete low-cost house for him. The house is nearing completion and Jackson wants me to go have a look.

I went there late on Tuesday night and have a look around the place. Jackson then asked me to bring him to church on Christmas day. He wants to give thanks to almighty God for helping him get a proper roof over his head. He had been living in a shabby hut for a long time.

I felt very happy indeed for Jackson.

Of all the interesting observations and things I saw during the past week, I must say that seeing the joy on Jackson’s face is the greatest highlight. It gives me great satisfaction to see Jackson smiling gleefully. He is such a good man, he deserves a proper home to call his own.

Hence despite all the negative predictions, I welcome the arrival of Dec 21 knowing that it is the start of a better future for Jackson. I don’t know about you but I am stocking up my supply of chocolate. Those healthy snacks will definitely come in handy either during the end of time or on Christmas.

I wish all of you a very merry and blessed Christmas and I hope to survive until next week so that I can continue writing this North View column of mine.

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