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  • Wednesday, 5 Oct 2011

ASSUNTA Hospital was the proud recipient of a prestigious award conferred by the Hospital Management Asia (HMA) at the 10th HMA Awards Night held in Singapore.

Assunta Hospital was proclaimed the winner for successfully implementing an eco-friendly working environment in the HMA award category of “Service Improvement for Internal Customers Project”.

This marks the second year running that Assunta Hospital has picked up a HMA award.

It was given recognition in 2010 for the Passionately YOU project, a breast cancer and cervical cancer awareness campaign.

The latest win was made even sweeter as Assunta Hospital was the only Malaysian hospital to be shortlisted out of a total 315 projects submitted by 84 hospitals from 11 countries.

The Go Green initiative took off in Assunta Hospital after findings from a study by senior students showed that 32% of the waste generated in a ward was recyclable.

The study clearly showed that a review of routine tasks was needed to reduce unnecessary material usage.

The hospital management team decided to focus on implementing a more eco-friendly working environment in order to combat improper waste disposal and at the same time save money.

Among the many initiatives adopted by the staff included bringing their own food containers from home, reducing the use of plastic throughout the hospital, practising energy saving measures and recycling extensively.

Within six months, there was a marked improvement in compliance levels at the hospital as well as decreased expenditure in waste management.

The realisation from this project is that a green culture has been established hospital-wide and the staff in Assunta Hospital have been buzzing with a feel-good factor due to the integration of eco-friendly practices in their work place.

“The HMA is the accepted hospital management awards programme for Asia-Pacific.

“This prestigious award is recognition for the dedicated team effort and commitment of Assunta Hospital’s staff.” said Assunta Hospital clinical services director Dr Lourdes Davaraj.

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