Capable individuals will be picked for the job

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  • Tuesday, 11 Mar 2008

THE new Selangor state government is likely to select a Chinese or an Indian as council president in any of the 12 municipal and city councils in Selangor.

Newly elected Selayang MP William Leong Jee Keen, a lawyer by profession, said that the state government would elect a council president who is fair, not corrupt and qualified to take the position.

He said that the new government would be formed within a week to make their decisions.

“This does not mean a Malay cannot be a council president.

“Anyone who is qualified and is capable could be selected for the job.

“If a council president who is Indian or Chinese can be fair to the Malays and do their jobs well, the people would definitely be happy with him.

“Those chosen to be council presidents will also be trained if we find that they need it,” said Leong who also plans to continue in the legal profession.

Leong, from PKR, won with a majority of 3,567 votes and had his family - sons Nicholas, Benedict, Gregory and wife Alice Chan - with him during his victory.

Leong added that it was very difficult to change the mindsets of people on corruption and it would have to start at the council level.

“For the past 50 years, the people have been used to a mindset of encouraging corruption and treasuring material wealth.

“It will be an uphill task for us to stop this and the people have to bear with us.

“We want to promote good values like integrity and transparency within the council,” he said.