School for RMAF officers

NESTLED in the residential area of Tanjung Bungah, Penang, the Sekolah Ikhtisas Tentera Udara Malaysia (Royal Malaysian Air Force training school for professionals) is surrounded by greenery. 

Thus, the school provides a con-ducive environment for training purposes. 

Set up in 1993 as a training insti-tution for RMAF officers, the school sits on a 1.2ha site in Jalan Azyze in Tanjung Bungah. 

Dubbed as a training centre for trainers, the school provides high quality courses to enable them to carry out classes conducted by the forces.  

Quiet and peaceful:RMAF officers having a dicussion outdoors.

It provides courses ranging from five days to three months on Trai-ning Needs Analysis Design, Training Development, Training Administra-tor and Training Evaluation. 

Head of school Mejar Khairron Anuar M. Jamil said the school was set up to upgrade training manage-ment and support services. 

Presently, the school conducts 28 programmes and it has been recei-ving trainees from countries in the Middle-East, Africa and other Asian countries.  

Mejar Khairron said he plans to upgrade the school to project a re-sort-like environment.  

“The facilities here need improve-ment, especially the accommodation for international students. 

“I hope in future the school will fully achieve international status,” he said in a recent interview.  

The school was formerly a build-ing occupied by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). It was refurbished to suit RMAF's purpose.  

The school has five blocks, for-merly meant for holding classes for the RAAF school children. 

It was originally built in 1953. 

The school receives scores of visi-tors, especially the former Australian pupils.  

Mejar Khairrun said former pupils with nostalgic feelings were allowed to visit the school.