Mat Rempit gang menace Rep: Three robberies brought to my attention

BUTTERWORTH: A gang of armed Mat Rempit on super-bikes has been robbing newspaper vendors here. 

Bagan Jermal assemblyman Ooi Chuan Aik said at a press conference held at his service centre on Jalan Kampung Benggali that since Dec 30, three cases of vendors being held up while delivering newspapers had been brought to his attention.  

“In the first incident, Chong Lee Fa, 58, was robbed of RM200 and a hand phone by a gang of knife-wielding Mat Rempit in Taman Kisar, Butterworth. 

“About 10 Mat Rempit approached Chong at 5.30am under the pretext of asking for directions to Permatang Pauh. When she was giving them directions, one of the gang members pointed a knife at her stomach. 

“Chong was told to hand over her money and hand phone,” Ooi said. 

In the second and third incidents on Jan 17, Chiou Chong Huat, 46, and Cheng Yang Hai, 55, were robbed at 4.50am and 5.30am respectively. 

Chiou was robbed of RM10 at Jalan Siram and Cheng RM30 at Jalan Permatang Pauh by six Mat Rempit.  

Ooi said both Chong and Cheng had lodged police reports at the North Seberang Prai police headquarters in Kepala Batas. 

Chong said she now dreaded going to work in the morning. 

“I have been delivering newspapers in Butterworth for the past 20 years, and this is the first time I have been robbed,” she said.