10 party games for a fun time

Stomping good fun: The balloon pop challenge is best played indoors on a level surface. — ART CHEN/The Star

HOSTING a successful party can be tricky, especially when the guests are a mix of ages and backgrounds, but keeping them entertained does not have to be difficult.

StarMetro has your back with a list of games guaranteed to bring your party to life.

So, gather round to laugh, bond and maybe break a sweat with these party games that will have everyone talking long after the party ends!

1. Human knot

This childhood classic is for those who wish to enjoy some old-school fun.

Forget about equipment and materials. All you need are a few pairs of willing hands.

Players gather in a circle and join hands to create a tangled web of arms.

The challenge is to untangle yourselves without letting go.

Reach out and grab hands with two different people, making sure each left hand connects to another left hand, and each right hand to a right.

Then, it is a race against the clock to unravel the knot and form a perfect circle once again.

This game is a test of teamwork, communication and flexibility that will have everyone in stitches as they twist and turn to “freedom”.

2. Pass the water

If you are looking for a wet-and-wild game, this is for you.

With some chairs, blindfolds, big bowls and water, you can break the ice among a group.

Players sit in a line, blindfolded and armed with an empty big bowl.

The goal is to pass the water from front to back, over the head.

With each player attempting to catch and pass the water without spilling too much, it is a race against the clock to keep the liquid flowing smoothly down the line.

You can even make it a contest between two groups if there is a big number of players.

3. Blindfolded makeover

Unleash your inner makeup artist blindfold-style with this game. Find a partner and gear up for a cosmetic adventure.

Each couple receives makeup items and a blindfold.

One person dons the blindfold while the other bravely takes a seat opposite them.

With eyes covered, it is up to the blindfolded partner to apply makeup – lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, you name it – to their partner’s face.

With only their sense of touch to guide them, hilarity ensues as they attempt to beautify their subject.

Set the timer for five minutes. When time is up, it is time to reveal the masterpiece in the mirror!

4. Charades relay

Perfect for the dramatic group, this is another version of charades.

All you need is a phone with any charades app and a line of eager players.

The game starts with the first person receiving a word from the app and must act it out to the next player in line.

The action is then passed down the line until it reaches the final player, who must guess the word.

The victory depends on the players’ creativity in conveying and deciphering hilarious clues in this fast-paced relay.

5. Face the cookie

Who knew eating cookies could be so challenging and hilarious?

Grab a pack of Oreos and some chairs for this messy game.

Players sit with their heads tilted back as an Oreo is delicately placed on their foreheads.

On the count of three, players must manoeuvre the cookie into their mouths with only their facial muscles and head movement with help from gravity.

The challenge is to eat the Oreo without using hands. Taking photographs of the players is a must to capture their funny expressions for posterity!

6. Balloon pop challenge

Get ready for some ankle-tangling, balloon-popping action!

Tie some balloons to the players’ ankles with a thread. The more balloons, the merrier and trickier.

The goal is to keep your balloon safe while stomping on others’ balloons. Last balloon standing wins!

It is an active game to see who can outmanoeuvre their opponents without getting tangled up.

However, it is best to play the game indoors where the floor is level to keep everyone safe.

7. Cups and downs

Try this game if you have some leftover plastic or paper cups from your previous parties.

Split the group into two teams: the “ups” and the “downs” teams.

The “ups” aim to flip cups the right way, and the “downs” aim to flip them upside down.

Give each player two cups. Get one player from each team to be the first while the others sit in a line and wait for their turns.

On the count of three, the first players from both teams start flipping their cups until they land up or down.

Next players in line will have their turns after the first ones are done. The team whose players flip all their cups first will reign supreme in cup control!

8. Improvised charades

Who needs regular charades when there is a better version? Download any charades app on your phone and start!

Split the players into two teams: actors and guessers.

The actors act out the word given by the app while the guessers try to crack the code.

Whoever gets the most correct guesses within the time limit is the winner.

The words given may be adjusted according to themes such as food, celebrities and pop culture.

The suggested time limit for a small group of four to six is two minutes. But feel free to adjust according to the group size.

Fun fact about charades: the world’s longest charades game lasted 17 days, achieved in 2011 by a group of players in the United States.

9. Mystery box

Let this game give you a nice little scare. All you need is a box of textural items to be discovered.

To surprise the players, feel free to include slimy and squishy contents.

Players take turns reaching into the box, feeling whatever contents are inside and guessing what they are.

With each touch comes a wave of anticipation and excitement as players try to out-guess their opponents.

For safety reason, avoid using sharp items that might hurt players.

10. The storyteller

Allow your imagination to run wild when you play this game of collaborative storytelling.

Gather your friends in a circle as one person kicks off the story with a single sentence, setting the scene for the adventure to come.

From there, each player adds their own sentence, building upon the narrative in unexpected and often uproarious ways.

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