Report lodged after video circulates of man killing puppies

Report lodged after video circulates of man killing puppies

GOMBAK: A video clip showing a man, believed to be in his 30s, beating to death two puppies kept in a plastic bag on Tuesday (Aug 1) has caused a storm of fury among Malaysians.

A police report has also been lodged.

The clip showed the man using a stick to beat the puppies while their mother barked in horror.

The man then threw the puppies into the ground.

The incident took place at Batu 11, Kampung Gombak Utara.

In the clip, a few neighbours could be heard repeatedly asking the man to stop.

Malaysian Animal Association president Arie Dwi Andika, who visited the village to meet with the witnesses, said a police report had been lodged at the Gombak police station.

“The incident took place at 10.30am.

“The neighbour, who heard a dog barking incessantly outside his house, went out to see what the ruckus was about.

“Upon seeing what was happening, he tried to stop the man but was threatened.

“Believing the puppies to be dead, the neighbour pleaded with the man to hand over the dead puppies but the man took them with him into his house.”

StarMetro was informed that the mother of the puppies was injured and is now under the care of the villagers with her two surviving puppies.

“The dogs are strays but are well loved by the villagers. The villagers used to feed them because they had helped the village to scare off thieves and once alerted the villagers to a snake in a resident’s house.”

It was understood that the man had killed other dogs before but no report was made by the villagers due to the lack of photographic or video evidence.

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