Dry spell for taxi drivers in Port Dickson

There were calls for the authorities to clean up the beaches in Port Dickson to attract more tourists. — filepic

TAXIS are aplenty at the main bus terminal in Port Dickson but there are only a few passengers who use them in the coastal town known for its beaches.

K. Prabakara N.R.K. Nair, 71, who has been a taxi driver for over 40 years, said business had been dwindling lately.

He said making RM20 a day was difficult.

“We are now competing with e-hailing service companies.

“This is a small town. The most we can get these days are two trips and they are mostly during weekends,” he said.

Prabakara is among the 150 taxi drivers who are stationed at the main bus terminal.

He hoped the future Port Dickson representative would look into the plight of taxi drivers.

“Petrol price is high. We don’t have many customers. I hope the government can help ease our burden,” added Prabakara.

Another taxi driver, S. Ganesan, 51, said the authorities should clean up the beaches in Port Dickson to lure more tourists.

“Even the shops here are closing down because business is slow,” he said.

Ganesan said when taxi drivers approached people at the bus terminal to ask if they needed a taxi, they replied they already booked an e-hailing service.

“How can we compete in a small town like this?” he asked.

PAS candidate Lt-Kol (Rtd) Mohd Nazari Mokhtar, who was distributing campaign leaflets at the terminal, said he would highlight this problem and boost tourism if he was elected.

“This is part of my manifesto for the people of Port Dickson, (where among others is to create) more job opportunities for the locals and boost the tourism sector,” he said.

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