Durian party brings residents together

The durian festival attracted many residents, allowing them with engage with one another.

LAMAN Residen Residents Association (RA) in Kipark off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a durian festival exclusively for residents.

Taking opportunity of the durian season, the residents were treated to 600kg of durian and 200kg of mangosteen.

Some 400 residents gathered at the basketball court for the event.

RA vice-chairman CW Chan said the annual gathering boosted residents’ engagement.

“This is the first year we organised a durian festival instead of our yearly Malaysia Day celebration.

“However, we also have several social gatherings and celebrations during some of the main festivals annually such as Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Mid-Autumn festival and Christmas,” he said.

(Left) The durian festival attracted some 400 residents of Laman Residen, allowing them to engage with one another. (Right) Residents lining up for their share of durian at the festival.
Residents lining up for their share of durian at the festival.

Established in 2008, the association represents the interests of residents and owners as well as the upkeep of the neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood has nine cul-de-sacs from the main road, Jalan Residen, and comprises 198 houses.

The RA has also taken collective measures to boost security in the neighbourhood.

RA chairman David Yap said security and safety was one of the main agenda of the RA.

“Five years ago, the RA built a new guardhouse with the help of donations from residents and other funds raised. It was previously on the side with awnings but now, the security guards can monitor incoming and outgoing cars more effectively,” he said.

The RA also strives to address issues affecting the residents on a daily basis.

Yap added that the RA had complained to Kuala Lumpur City Hall and the Drainage and Irrigation Department about the stagnant water in the monsoon drain emitting a stench.

“We want the local authority to come up with a solution to the matter that has persisted for several years,” he said.


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