New water booster pump all set to make waves

(From left) Lars stergaard, Anders Christiansen and Leong launching the all-new SCALA2.

(From left) Lars stergaard, Anders Christiansen and Leong launching the all-new SCALA2.

THE days of low water pressure from showers and trickling taps will soon be a thing of the past.

With the launch of the new Grundfos Scala2 water booster pump with inverter, homeowners can enjoy good water pressure through all taps, at all times and at a very affordable price.

Low or varying water pressure is a major bane especially for those residing in old neighbourhoods and high-rise apartments.

A survey conducted for Grundfos by AIM Create last year showed that 80% of all homeowners had to deal with low water pressure from time to time.

The arrival of the new water booster pump from Grundfos is about to change the game.

“Most people put up with the decreased comfort of low or varying water pressure because they perceive plumbing works to be labour intensive and costly,” said Grundfos South Asia area managing director (Indonesia, Singapore & Malaysia) CK Leong.

“With the new Scala2 water booster pump, homeowners will have good water pressure at all times–even if the shower is on and the kitchen tap is running and the car is being washed outside.

“It will only take a plumber a few minutes to install, but it’ll boost comfort in the home for a long time. The norm of installing a water pump on the roof-top has also changed with the Scala2 as the pump is able to be installed at ground level for ease of maintenance,” he added.

The Scala2 is an all-in-one water boosting system.

It comes with all parts fully integrated and is compact enough to fit in small spaces.

To top this off, it is one of the most silent boosters in its class with the sound level of a modern dishwasher.

“In the design process, we talked to a lot of homeowners and installers and we quickly learned that comfort is more than just a steady stream of water.

“So we made it a priority to reduce noise by adding a super-silent motor and using water-cooling instead of a noisy fan.

“We also went with a more domestic design instead of the industrial look, which is typical of most booster pumps today,” said Leong. The Scala2 was designed with ease-of-use in mind. It’s a plug-and-pump solution and the water pressure can be adjusted instantly via the user-friendly control panel.

“We have designed the Scala2 to make it easy to operate.

“Our goal is that most homeowners will not have to worry about pump operation.

“The Scala2 is self-regulating and this gives you peace of mind you deserve to enjoy the luxury of perfectly comfortable showers whenever you wish,” added Leong.