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  • Saturday, 16 May 2015

5. The diva is someone who prefers being comfortable everywhere she goes. This means spending money on taxi rides rather than taking the train or bus, otherwise, be prepared for constant complaints.

To escape busy work schedules or during short semester breaks, many choose to unwind by going on a holiday.

No matter where you go, picking the right travel buddy is crucial as it can determine whether your holiday would be a roller coaster of emotions or smooth sailing.

Let’s face it, we have all encountered one or two difficult travel companions who turn your trip into an unpleasant experience the minute they start showing their true colours.

Metro Online lists some of the less-than-ideal travel companions to have while on a holiday.

1. The diva

The most interesting character in the group will be the diva. One minute she’s loving the place and the next, she can’t stop whining about going home to her comfortable bed. You can easily spot a travel diva by her or his insistence on using taxis instead of trains and buses, dining only at fancy restaurants or neverending complaints about the weather, how tired they are and how the world is basically against themon the trip. You can choose to help ease this person’s pain while on holiday, or you can subtly tell them that their constant whining is getting on everyone’s nerves.

2. The party pooper

A party pooper is one who will prefer going back to the room to sleep early instead of exploring the city at night. This person usually ruins a good night out by either looking miserable or complaining about how late it is. to overcome this problem, allocate a few hours to have a little fun before going back to rest. This way, everyone gets what they want. the other way is to ensure that there is a balance of characters and preferences in your group, so while some are out having fun, those who want to rest can go back to the hotel. It’s a win-win situation if there’s a balance and compromise in any travel group.

7. The Party Pooper ruins the fun by complaining about being too tired or how she or he rather go back to the hotel than see the city at night.

3. The money borrower

One of the most important questions to ask before travelling is “How much money should i carry?” The best is to bring as much as you think you will spend. This is where itineraries are useful, as you can gauge entrance fees for tourist sites or charges for activities. In every group, there is usually one member who will not bring enough and ends up borrowing money from others. Asking for help once or twice may not be so bad but if you end up owing a big sum, you are not only a nuisance to your friends but also using  the money they brought for themselves. There’s no clear-cut way to deal with this but the best will be to keep 
tabs on how much they owe you and make sure they pay you back. If this particular person is travelling with you again, make sure to remind  them to bring extra money or an Atm card to withdraw money while on the trip. They can always use their debit and credit cards too.

3. The money borrower: It is alright to borrow money when on a trip. You may have left it in the hotel, or just short of change. It is however an inconvenience if you start spending more than you have and depend on friends for money.

4. The know-it-all

Reading up on a place you are visiting is always a good idea but no one needs a know-it-all on their trip. Sure, you can throw in a few fun facts now and then, but after one too many, it will get annoying. The know-it-all can also be a person who takes charge of navigating but really has no clue what he or she is doing. It’s good to have someone take charge, but if you think your friend may not know what he’s doing, it’s best you not depend on this person. look at the map together or ask a local to point you in the right direction.

4. The know-it-all: This person loves showing how much she knows about the city they are visiting. Though its nice to share some fun facts, over doing it can be rather annoying.

5. The Instagrammer

Instagram is a useful tool when travelling, but to have a friend who can’t seem to stop uploading pictures every minute of the journey is maddening. This person does not just post every aspect of their journey on one site, but chooses to share it on multiple social media platforms. It is worse when this person is your 
only travel companion. The only conversations you resort to having during your trip will be along the lines of “Does this filter look better, or this one?” Personally, I say sarcasm may help in this situation. You can try saying: “you’re very chatty on this trip, aren’t you?” Or “you don’t have to text me, I’m right in front of you.” There is also that little game you can play, put your phones in the middle of the table when dining out, and whoever reaches for the phone first, has to pay the bill. Otherwise, come clean and tell 
him or her how you really feel.

6.Be prepared to talk to yourself or a wall when traveling with a friend who is an avid instagrammer. Her time will be spent looking at her phone than having a conversation with you.

6. The minimalist

Travelling light means bringing just the necessities on your holiday. A minimalist knows how to pack all their items to fit a bag, simplifying the way they travel. However, our version of a minimalist is someone who takes travelling light to a whole new level. This person relies on their travel buddies for toiletries. It may not be a problem to share but it would have been nice to know beforehand so you can pack enough for two and not ration your supplies.  The best way to deal with this kind of person is to remind them that 
although you don’t mind sharing, it would be nice if they told you they would be depending on your 
supplies. If you are travelling together again, list the things to pack and divide them between the two of 
you, to lessen the load and both of you can travel light.

8. The minimalist packs so light that they make no room for basic essentials like shampoo and soap. They depend on friends for these items.

7. The toilet hogger

No matter your choice of accommodation while travelling with friends, toilets will be shared. The toilet hogger spends too much time washing up and beautifying himself or herself, not realising that others need the loo too. You have two ways to get around this without frustrating yourself. You can incessantly knock on the toilet door until your friend is out or choose to use the toilet first. set your alarm to be up earlier instead of wasting your time waiting.

9. The toilet hogger spends way too much time in the shower, making all her friends wait for their turn.

8. The penny-pincher

There is a difference between being thrifty and stingy. When on a holiday, a group of friends may opt to split the bill evenly. However, there are instances where individuals would choose to pay less as they did not eat  something that was ordered.  This is where the phrase “I did not eat this, so I will not be paying 
for it,” will be uttered. Another situation that defines a stingy traveller is one that counts every sen when splitting the bill. To avoid this, check if everyone agrees to share the bill before ordering. Those who prefer not to share the cost should speak up. If there is something the group is planning to order which you are not keen to have, tell them. Sure, it may seem like you’re being stingy for not wanting to share something pricey but it is best to inform them before orders are made and the bill comes. For those worried about paying more than your fair share, keep small change with you.

2. The Penny-pincher: This person thinks of ways to pay less, to save money, even if sharing meals with friends.

9. The extra baggage

Your friend has chosen to pack light on a trip and did not bring an extra bag. Now, she has shopped too 
much and has no space left for all her new purchases. Who if not you, her only travel buddy, will she turn to for help to pack the extra items. One or two souvenirs may not be so bad, if there is space, but if you find yourself lugging a heavy bag because of your friend’s stuff, you may want to speak up. Be tactful and tell your friend that this should not repeat as it is an inconvenience for you.

10. Beware of the friend with extra baggage. She has bought too much and now has no space in her little travel bag. You will bare the weight for her.

10. Follow me

Before going on your journey, it is wise to plan an itinerary or make a list of places you would want to visit 
as a group. This will not only save you time but also ensure that everyone has a say in what they want to see and do.  However, there are times when a person decides to take charge of all the planning while ignoring the opinions of other group. you could take a stand and choose to go with the majority vote.

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