Local content creators share travel plans during Hari Raya Aidilfitri

  • Malaysia
  • Wednesday, 10 Apr 2024

Ummi, who is an avid traveller and nature lover, looks forward to going on a camping trip with her family this Raya. — UMMI NAJJIAH

Like many festivities, Hari Raya Aidilfitri is usually celebrated with gatherings of family and friends. It’s a joyous occasion for all, not just in Malaysia but around the world, too.

These days, though, some people choose to either completely do away with all the customary celebrations, or find ways to combine new traditions with old ones.

One the most popular “new traditions” is to go on holidays abroad (or in another state) during Hari Raya.

We spoke to some local content creators who plan to go on trips during Hari Raya next week.

Eyta Juwita

Eyta plans to visit Thailand and Indonesia with her family during the Raya holidays. — EYTA JUWITAEyta plans to visit Thailand and Indonesia with her family during the Raya holidays. — EYTA JUWITA

Eyta Juwita, 26, said that although her job as a content creator has taken her to every corner of Malaysia, the exploration does not stop.

“I had a four-day excursion to the historical state of Melaka for the first time two years ago (during Hari Raya). My family and I visited various attractions and tried some authentic local dishes,” said Eyta in an interview.

She is planning to visit Thailand and Indonesia with her family during the coming Raya holidays. Eyta, who was born in Sabah but grew up in Kuala Lumpur, shared that she has travelled to both neighbouring countries on several occasions, and fell in love with the diverse culture and culinary delights there.

“The food options in Thailand are endless and the stunning vistas in Bali, Indonesia are mesmerising, which make these two destinations ideal for a family getaway, even more so for content creators,” Eyta said.

Instagram: @eytajuwita

Shahrul Izwan Dona

— Freepik— Freepik

Digital creator Shahrul Izwan Dona, 33, celebrated Hari Raya in Kerinci, Indonesia a few years ago.

“It was lovely! We were there to visit our relatives, but we also had an awesome holiday at the same time,” said Shahrul, who was born in Sabah, and grew up in Johor.

Even though he does not recall much of the places they visited there, the memories of them spending time together remains vivid in his mind.

It was the trip to Indonesia that has inspired him to explore the world with his family.

“Today, more people prefer to spend the festivities going on holiday. I personally want to visit Turkiye and India to experience Hari Raya there,” he said.

In Turkiye, Shahrul wants to check out the historic Blue Mosque, located in Istanbul. The centuries-old beautiful mosque with a unique blue facade is an architectural marvel and a Unesco World Heritage Site.

As for India, Shahrul thinks the food options will be fantastic, and great for his work.

“To be able to witness and share these gems and interesting eats with the public is something special to me as someone who creates content online.”

Instagram: @shahevanddy

Ummi Najjiah

For Selangor-born travel blogger Ummi Najjiah, 30, she has not had the opportunity to travel outside of the country during Hari Raya yet, but she does look forward to planning one in the near future.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Ummi enjoys spending time in nature with her family and friends. In fact, camping has been a Hari Raya tradition for the family. “Last year, over 50 of us went to Kebun Tok campsite in Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor. We had the entire place to ourselves. We set up our own tents, swam in the river and made delicious food, all amid a tranquil surrounding,” she shared.

Talking about her ideal Raya destination, Ummi said: “I would make a pilgrimage to Mecca, as it is the holiest city in the world for Muslims. I believe it will be memorable to experience Raya there, as the entire atmosphere will be filled with ‘Raya’ feels.”

Instagram: @mi.najjiah

Hamiza Hamidon

Hamiza and her husband hope to visit Mecca during Hari Raya one day. — HAMIZA HAMIDONHamiza and her husband hope to visit Mecca during Hari Raya one day. — HAMIZA HAMIDON

Hamiza Hamidon, 32, has only travelled around the country, specifically to the northern states in Peninsular Malaysia. Originally from Perak, Hamiza now calls Selangor her second home after moving there some 10 years ago.

“Every Hari Raya, without fail, we will head up to Penang and Kedah to pay a visit to our relatives and go makan together,” she said. And like Ummi, she hopes to visit the holy land of Mecca with her family on Hari Raya one day.

“I want to get a glimpse of how the Saudis celebrate the occasion in the birthplace of Islam. I think it would be very special to celebrate the festive season there.”

Besides Mecca, she also wants to visit Iran and check out its beautiful mosques and old buildings.

Instagram: @hamizaaaaaaa

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