Katz Tales: 5 signs your cat is stressed

A cat that feels scared or stressed will hide anywhere where they feel invisible. Photo: 123rf.com

Cats are very good at hiding their feelings, so you need to keep an eye on your kitty to understand how their emotions are working.

Although every cat is different, these five signs are commonly associated with stress.

> Big eyes and panting. A happy cat squeezes his eyes at you in mini cat kisses. A nervous kitty opens his eyes wide and his ears are back a little. A terrified cat will pant and stress-purr. Also, you may feel their toes are hot.

> Hiding. A confident cat sleeps in the open, and maybe even tummy up. But when your pet believes that the environment is hostile, they hide under the bed, in a corner, under a pile of shirts – anywhere where they feel invisible.

> A nervous meow. Frightened cats sometimes go silent but if they feel you will listen, they talk. Scared cats register their emotions like humans in that their voices typically become higher and more strained.

> Missing the cat box. Cats are super tidy by nature, especially about their toilet habits. If you have a clean cat box and your kitty is not using it or missing it, and there is no physical illness, it’s likely due to nerves. If this happens, your cat is extremely stressed. This is often considered a red alert in terms of extreme cat emotion.

> Chewing and over-grooming. People bite their nails and pull their hair. Really nervous people pick at themselves until they cause minor damage. Cats are exactly the same. If your pet is over-grooming or chewing, first check for allergies and fleas. If that isn’t the cause, then treat this too as a high alert for upset emotions.

The fix is to offer safety. Lots of safety and time to recover. If you are stuck for ideas, talk to your vet.

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