What your Chinese zodiac sign holds for you in the Golden Rat Year

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  • Saturday, 25 Jan 2020

Those born in the Year of the Rat can anticipate an exciting year of new ventures and responsibilities, vibrant job experiences and learning opportunities. — 123rf.com

What does the coming year hold for those born under the various Chinese zodiac signs? Feng shui master Jessie Lee offers the following 12-zodiac forecast.



This is a year of new opportunities. With a high career score, you can anticipate an exciting year of new ventures and responsibilities. There will be vibrant job experiences and learning opportunities, some of which will lead you to positions of power and authority.

Your career rise may be met with unexpected competition. Keep your cool and think before you respond to your peers or people around you, to avoid unfavourable decisions or outcomes. When facing your competitors, turn your toughest competition into your biggest motivation for success. To increase your wealth, explore long-term investments.



It's a smooth-sailing year but remember to capitalise on your opportunities before sundown – whether it’s a business idea or a lucrative work deal – for success.

Your score in relationships is high and you have three powerful Nobleman stars.

Invest your time and energy to reconnect with people and expand your network of new acquaintances. This will bring about fruitful rewards and pave new paths.



It's a year of change. If you’re contemplating a job that requires you to get out of your comfort zone, including the need to travel, leave home for extended periods of time or a possible relocation, go ahead! Your decision will shake up old routines and inspire new ideas.

If you need to reflect and find your true purpose, join a spiritual or meditation retreat. Avoid getting tangled in women-related pettiness and mind your speech and actions when dealing with women. Be alert of the potential danger from falling objects.



Have clarity of mind and channel your energy into decluttering your life – whether it is objects, distractions or temptations – to regain focus on what’s important. Before making major decisions, evaluate all possibilities to avoid making regrettable decisions.

As this is a year of strong relationships, expand your network to create opportunities. You will be surrounded by helpful contacts who could elevate your chances.

Don’t be too shy to ask for help. Keep one thing in mind: your success rate is higher after sundown, preferably when the moon is up. Be extra mindful of your budget and spending patterns, to avoid adding unwanted financial stress or incurring debts.



Patience is a virtue and good things will unfold in good time. Your contacts near and far will help you in your career. Opposing qualities such as greed or impatience will most certainly affect your good fortune. Spend time to refine your craft or learn a new skill.

Also, mastering your emotions will come in handy. Sharpen your focus and put your energy into things that matter. Avoid falling prey to petty gossip.



This is an academically strong year for you. It is the best time to use your finances wisely for self-improvement. Get certified in a new area of study, complete that Master’s degree on your bucket list or acquire new tools or skills that can add value to your career.

Make time to check off short-term goals by making a list of personal or professional pursuits you would like to achieve within the month or the next few months. 2020 is a year of milestones and to achieve your goals.

Be vigilant with your valuables or personal belongings, wherever you may be, to avoid falling prey to theft or robbery. Protect your personal ideas and creativity in the work or business environment so you can maximise on the benefits of your hard work.



It’s a big year of change. Try to overcome your fears and adapt. Self-doubts and fears are just obstacles to trick the mind and can be easily resolved with a strong and positive mind.

Financially, you can explore long-term investments such as buying a new house. Moving into a new place is a positive change to give you a new start and it locks your investment as an asset beneficial for your wealth.

Alternatively, you can move to a different job, company or industry. If you are planning for holidays, avoid places that are subject to natural disasters.



Gear up for a year of prosperity. As you are the strongest animal sign in 2020, you can expect an extremely fruitful year, both career- and wealth-wise.

Your forecast is also looking positive for planned investments. However, the year is not without obstacles. Hence, ensure that your financial decisions are well planned.

Do not take your health for granted; go for regular check-ups, especially if you have a history of digestion-related issues. Take regular meals and live a healthy lifestyle.



This is a year of new opportunities to improve your personal wealth and advance your career. However, there are chances that these potential opportunities may be ruined due to jealousy from other people. So be mindful of your actions and stay low-key until you seal the deal or receive confirmation of your new venture, before celebrating.

Take care of your health and get a good night’s sleep. If you struggle with poor quality sleep, try doing simple stretching exercises or a short meditation practice to calm and clear your mind before bedtime.



It's a year of connection and celebration. As the most well-rounded and balanced of all animal signs in 2020, you’ll enjoy positivity and strong relationships. This could mean wedding bells for those ready for marriage, or if you’re about to start a new relationship, the timing is just right as well.

If you’re already married, be mindful of your actions to those other than your partner, as your caring nature may be mistaken for something other than a platonic friendship and may cause misunderstandings. Be careful about taking what you see or hear at face value, as there is a chance that messages will be convoluted or exaggerated.

Always go with the facts or seek out proof for things you do not believe in. With the Nobleman star, you will have helpful contacts and people who are willing to help you.



It is a year of self-care and self-discovery. Take time to embark on a journey of self-discovery, like going for a meditation or spiritual retreat.

You could be prone to unexpected mishaps, minor accidents or injury. So be vigilant when driving on the road, operating equipment or machinery, or if find yourself in situations where your safety could be compromised.



Your mantra for the year is: health is wealth. Seek medical assistance if you experience any discomfort or have any health concerns, especially regarding the heart.

It is a year of learning and education for you. Prep yourself for success by acquiring the skills you need before rolling out your plan so that your chances of succeeding will be much higher.

It is also a year of indulgence; however, when you go on exciting food journeys, be mindful of your health.

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