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  • Sunday, 17 Aug 2008

WHY should I consider balancing breastfeeding and work? 

  • It’s free and is a perfect food for the baby 

  • Breast milk is easier to digest 

  • For a healthier baby 

  • Saves time 

  • Close bonding 

  • Healthy mother 

    How can I balance breastfeeding and work? 

  • Delay return to work 

  • Work from home 

  • Work flexible hours 

  • Express breast milk at work 

  • Breastfeed at home. Your baby can have expressed breast milk when you are at work 

  • Use childcare centres on-site or near work place 

  • Bring baby to work 

    What should I do before my baby arrives? 

  • Find support for breastfeeding 

  • Talk to your supervisor or employee representative about your entitlements 

  • Request for maternity leave 

    What should I do before I return to work? 

  • Talk to other mothers who have combined breastfeeding and work 

  • Talk to your immediate superior about how you can continue breastfeeding and working 

  • Choose your childcare provider 

  • Learn to express your breast milk and get support 

  • Get advice from a breastfeeding information bureau before you use the breast pump 

    How do I express, store and transport my expressed breast milk? 

  • Decide what to use to express – your hand or a breast pump 

  • Find a clean, private room to express 

  • Store breast milk in fridge (two to three days) or freezer (up to three months) 

  • Use plastic or glass containers or milk bags 

  • Transport breast milk in cold container 

    How do I successfully express? 

  • Wash hands before expressing 

  • Clean equipment 

  • If you’re using a breast pump, read instructions carefully 

  • Relax when expressing 

  • Massage breasts before expressing 

  • Store breast milk safely 

  • Look after yourself 

    How often do I need to express? 

  • As often as your baby feeds 

    How much do I need to express? 

  • As much as you can 

    What information do I give my childcare provider about using expressed breast milk? 

  • Thaw expressed milk slowly in cool or warm water (do not use a microwave oven) 

  • Use cup or bottle to give baby breast milk 

  • Discard thawed breast milk if not used within 60 minutes. 

    If I am not able to express enough breast milk for my baby, what do I do? 

  • Have your expressing method checked by a breastfeeding counsellor 

  • Express more often 

  • Breastfeed more often at home 

  • If you’re using a breast pump, try another type of pump 

  • Take it easy and relax 

  • Adapted from the Balancing Breastfeeding and Work brochure by Breastfeeding Information Bureau Malaysia sponsored by World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (Maternity Protection). 

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