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  • Sunday, 20 Apr 2003


I BELIEVE that, and continue to prove in my own life, that everything happens at the right time, at the right place, for the right reason, and it serves us. 

Every event is an opportunity for us to learn. When we learn the lesson, we move on to new opportunities. If we decline to learn the lesson, we can be sure the lesson will repeat until we finally learn it. Each time the lesson repeats it will always be more painful until we have no choice but to learn the lesson. 

I am not a medical doctor so I am not qualified to give medical advice. I am however a healer and one who has overcome a seemingly medical impossibility. I have no product to sell. 

What I share every fortnight is Vibrational Medicine and energy concepts that have been used worldwide with great success for generations, concepts that are available freely to every person on Earth. 

Picture a beautiful ball of golden or white light in your mind and invite this light to come into you. Light is the greatest most powerful form of vibrational energy and healing.

In business I teach that intellectual intelligence accounts for 15% of our success (that’s what the experts do or teach us) and emotional/spiritual intelligence accounts for 85%. (That’s what WE DO). The same holds true in our personal life. 

Let’s talk about SARS and Malaysia and the learning experience that I believe is offered to us by SARS arriving on our shores. 

I find it interesting that SARS arrived at the same time our Acting Prime Minster told us that Malaysia was a country with 1st World Infrastructure and 3rd world mentality.  

One very important thought has come to me time and time again. People are all too willing to relinquish their civil rights and personal freedoms in the wake of fear. Yes SARS is a reason for concern but it is not a reason for fear. It is an opportunity for us to heal ourselves. 

As we have journeyed together since my articles commenced in September 2002, we have been examining our bodies and the luminous energy field around us. We have seen how every illness starts with a negative thought. 

There are many ways to avoid SARS, but the most important, no matter whom we listen to, is personal hygiene. I continue to recommend that schools and companies and other places where people gather make more efforts to improve the hygiene in their premises, especially the toilets. 

Hygiene is more than washing our hands after we use the toilet or covering our mouth and nose when we sneeze. Hygiene starts in the mind. Unhygienic thoughts are the guaranteed way to attract the virus SARS or any other. Viruses do not need passports to cross borders that are made by man. Viruses just wait for us to open ourselves for them with negative thoughts and then they sail right through our luminous energy field. 

Remember health is your responsibility, which means hygiene is your responsibility. I encourage you to visit your children’s school and check the toilets and public areas. Check at your workplace; check in the public areas you visit.  

If the standard of hygiene is not at the highest level, you bring it to the attention of the relevant authority. If we rely on others we cannot complain if things go wrong. 

As I write this article, the CDC in Atlanta has determined that SARS is a mutation of the common cold. Anything which boosts your immune system will assist in protecting against SARS.  

Students of the “Science of the Mind” know that what we focus we expand, or simply put, if we focus on SARS and are afraid of getting it, we are actually setting up a homing beacon to attract the virus to us. (This applies to any situation) 

I am encouraged that our Acting Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has reminded us that Vision 2020 is his dream and that we need no other. He is more right than perhaps he realises.  

The vibrational and healing energy in the nine challenges of Vision 2020, in my view, corresponds to the nine energy centres we as humans have (seven physical and two spiritual) I recommend every one of us revisit these nine challenges (http:// www.jaring.my /isis/mbc /2020.htm) and look at how to apply them to ourselves in every part of our life. They are my personal values and mission statement. 

In particular I want to remind us each that the seven challenges is the challenge of establishing a fully caring society and a caring culture, a social system in which society will come before self, in which the welfare of the people will revolve not around the state or the individual, but around a strong and resilient family system. 

This challenge contains the energy of our fourth Chakra – the Heart or Love Chakra. In a fully caring society we are open and honest with each other. As soon as we know something that affects the health and wellbeing of anyone, we tell them. 

In a caring society, we help people help themselves. In a caring society we remove fear as a weapon in controlling others. 

Our affirmation: “Every day in every way, in my body, mind and spirit, I am in perfect balance with the divine universe” helps keep us healthy in body and mind. The Chakra cleaning exercise we shared in the sixth article in our series on energy helps as well. 

One other tool is to practice healing light meditation. Here’s how: Follow the basic meditation method. When relaxed, begin. Picture a beautiful ball of light in your mind.  

This light can be any colour you wish. A nice healing light is golden or white. Invite this light to come to you. Begin with your toes, allow this light to enter your toes, the balls of your feet, your ankles. Gradually work up to your shins, your knees, and thighs. Surround your limbs with this beautiful healing light.  

Feel the warmth of the light penetrating every cell in your body. Travel up to your torso. Allow the light to enter your stomach, your lungs and your heart. Illuminate your heart muscle with this magnificent light.  

Travel further to your arms, fingers, neck, shoulders, and head. Fill your entire being with this radiant light. Picture yourself being cocooned with bright, healing light. Allow yourself to feel the comfort and the warmth. Enjoy this as long as you like.  

Do this for yourself and your family. Light is the greatest most powerful form of vibrational energy and healing. 

My closing thought: All men strive to grasp what they do not know, while none strive to grasp what they already know – Chuang Tzu 

All that we need to know in life lies inside us. We might say we already know it, but we are not aware that we do. Look within to our inner self and harvest all that we know. 

I do not ask you to agree with me in everything I say. We are blessed to live in a country where we are entitled to share our thoughts and views freely (as long as we do no harm to others) I do ask however that when you are challenged by something I share that you look within to see what the lesson is for you.  

Confucius tells us: “When we see men of worth, we should think of equalling them; when we see men of contrary character, we should turn inward and examine ourselves.” 

When there is something about someone else that really upsets us – it means that the same quality expressed by that person is within us that needs healing. The undesirable behaviour in the other person will be magnified so that you will notice it. It may not be as blatant in us, but it still needs healing. 

I want to suggest to you that SARS has a different meaning to the currently accepted. SARS brings to us an opportunity to search our thoughts and beliefs. Analyse them, revise those that no longer serve us and then soar to achieve our greatest dreams. 

Please believe in yourself and your health. Follow the guidance of your medical doctor. Remember always to believe in yourself above all others. It’s the spirit within us that will pull us through. 

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