Tips to prevent your dog from digging


Some breeds, particularly Terriers and some Hounds are more inclined to digging holes because it is in their genes. Photo: 123rf

Do you constantly find your dog digging holes whenever they get the chance? Some breeds, particularly Terriers and some Hounds, are more inclined to this behaviour because it is in their genes. However, digging can also be an outlet of frustration when dogs have a lot of bottled-up energy that needs to be released.

While digging is quite a common issue, this behaviour can be improved with some time and training. To help dog owners keep their yards intact, The American Kennel Club shares the following tips:

Mental and physical stimulation: It is important to provide your dog with mental stimulation through daily play and training sessions. Try teaching your dog basic commands to keep their mind busy. Be sure to also provide plenty of physical exercise to release their energy.

Stay cool: During the warmer months, dogs often dig to expose the cool earth and lie down to lower their body temperature. Keep your dog cool as often as possible during the heat so they are not as inclined to dig up your yard to handle the heat on their own.

Designate an area: If you have a breed that naturally digs, it is a good idea to create a designated space for them to embrace their natural instincts. Try doing this by building a digging pit or sandbox. You can even try burying bones or your dog’s favourite toys there to teach them that this is the acceptable place to dig. – American Kennel Club/Tribune News Service

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