Starchild: Malaysian children love to play on the beach

Emelia Chandrani, 12

We received quite a number of letters from our young readers on the topic, Beaches. Judging from the colourful drawings, it is obvious that children enjoy soaking in the sun and playing on the beach.

Children are often encouraged to spend more time outdoors, at the beach, in parks and waterfalls. The more children experience the beauty of the outdoors and take in its clean, fresh air, they will develop a liking for nature and being outside.

Don’t you agree that hunting for crabs and seashells can be a lot more fun than being indoors, playing video games or watching TV series?

Let’s read what our Starchild readers have to say about beaches.

Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 11Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 11

Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 11, writes: “I have been to a few beaches in Malaysia, like Kuantan’s Teluk Cempedak, the beaches at Redang Island in Terengganu and Desaru in Johor. I love playing in the sand and swimming in the sea. There are many types of tiny seashells on the beach. My sisters and I would collect them for our school’s art and craft projects. My mother took a lot of photos of us swimming in the sea. She captured beautiful scenery at the beaches to keep for remembrance. I hope my siblings and I can visit Gold Coast beach in Australia and Phuket Island, Thailand, again soon.”

Kishen Ray Gajan, 10Kishen Ray Gajan, 10

Sage Alyssa Vidondaraja, 9Sage Alyssa Vidondaraja, 9

Nuri Marlena Fernandez, four, says: “I like to go to the beach because I can catch crabs, make sandcastles and pick up sea shells.”

Nuri Marlena Fernandez, 4Nuri Marlena Fernandez, 4

“My parents took me to the beach during the last school holidays. My brother and I collected seashells and we built sandcastle by the beach,” writes Emelia Chandrani, 11.

Liv Fernandez, 3Liv Fernandez, 3

“I visited Penang in December with my parents and grandmother. Besides eating delicious food, we managed to visit the beach. My brother Christopher and I collected seashells and built a sandcastle. I hope to visit one of Malaysia’s many beaches during the next school holiday,” says Ashlynn Grace Oommen, six.

Ashlynn Grace Oommen, 6Ashlynn Grace Oommen, 6

Kaira Anne Isitor, eight, says: “I enjoy going to the beach during the school holiday. I want to see the sunset and swim in the sea.”

Kaira Anne Isitior, 8Kaira Anne Isitior, 8

Trent Fernandez, 5Trent Fernandez, 5

Find the hidden words!Find the hidden words!

ITEM: Hari Raya Aidilfitri marks the end of Ramadan. It is celebrated by Muslims around the world. During this celebration, children will ask for forgiveness from their elders. Many Muslim families hold open houses and they invite friends and family members to their home.

What do you particularly look forward to during Hari Raya Aidilfitri? If you are celebrating, do you help Mum to bake cookies? Or decorate the house perhaps? For the non-Muslims, do you look forward to the open houses where you can enjoy many mouth-watering delicacies and play with your friends? Are there any traditions which you observe?

Share your Raya joy with Starchild readers.

E-mail your contributions to by April 15. Please put “STARCHILD: Hari Raya” in the subject line of your e-mail.

Scanned drawings should be in jpeg format, with a resolution of 200 dpi. Your contributions must carry your full name, age (open to children aged 12 and below only), gender, phone contact, and address.

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