Starchild: Malaysian children are big on healthy snacks

Bethany Wang Qi Syuen, 7

Good nutrition is essential for everyone, especially growing children. Eating healthy means consuming less junk food, sugar and food that is deep-fried.

Lunchtime at the school canteen is one of the best places to start. What kind of healthy food or snack does your school canteen serve? Do you pack food from home?

Keeping to a good diet is not just about wanting to be thin or cutting down on fatty foods. It’s also about getting the energy you need, keeping sickness away and feeling well.

Start by eating nutritious food such as fish, chicken, vegetables and fruits. Know about different food groups such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to make good meal choices.

Recently we asked Starchild readers to design their lunch boxes. We received a good response from our young readers. We will publish the second set of drawings next week. Here’s what they had to say on the topic, Lunch Box.

Wong Cheng Yang, 8Wong Cheng Yang, 8

“My lunch box would be designed to resemble the Pokemon character, Pikachu. The box will have four compartments where I can keep my favourite fruits like bananas, blueberries, and pineapple. I will place marshmallows in another compartment. I love to eat from my snack box because the items taste sweet,” says Wong Cheng Yang, eight.

Toh Yee Tong, 9Toh Yee Tong, 9

Toh Yee Tong, nine, writes: “I will place rice, cucumbers, carrot and vegetables in my meal box. There is also separate container to keep a piece of cake too.”

Khor Shin Rei, 11Khor Shin Rei, 11

Khor Shin Rei, 11, loves her lunch box because she can put her favourite food in it. “My meal box is green and it reminds me of a leafy tree. It has three compartments where I can keep chocolates, apples, and bread. In addition, I usually have iced lemon tea during recess.”

Nicole Tan Jia Mae, 9Nicole Tan Jia Mae, 9

“Mummy packs my lunch box and it is always filled with surprises. She usually packs bread, nuggets and fruits. For drinks, I will have water or orange juice. At times, Mummy will pack a bar of chocolate. My lunch box is pink and it has a picture of a rainbow. It was a birthday gift from Mummy,” says Nicole Tan Jia Mae, nine.

Seven-year-old Bethany Wang Qi Syuen’s lunch box is designed like a piece of luggage, with wheels for easy transportation and bells ring during recess. “It comes with pockets and separate compartments for drinks, salad and a chiller for cold food. The daily menu can be pasted on the wall of the lunch box so I know what Mummy is preparing each day. It has a weather forecast panel and also a mirror for me to check my teeth after meals.”

Bernice Chan Xuan Ting, 11Bernice Chan Xuan Ting, 11

“I love my lunch box. It has a medium sized container that can fit into my lunchbox. It is square and I can easily put it inside my bag. The lunch box is insulated and it keeps my food warm,” writes Bernice Chan Xuan Ting, 11.

Karen Wong Zi Ying, 12Karen Wong Zi Ying, 12

Karen Wong Zi Ying, 12, writes: “My lunch box is colourful with the seven rainbow colours. It has four compartments where I can separate my food. I use it to keep my breakfast.”

“There is rice, grilled salmon and vegetables in my meal box. I cooked the rice and Mummy prepared the salmon with vegetables. I am happy I managed to prepare the meal box with my mother,” says Tan Ee Hui, 11.

Tan Ee Hui, 11Tan Ee Hui, 11

Find the hidden words!Find the hidden words!

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