5 things you need to know about Deadpool

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  • Friday, 12 Feb 2016

Deadpool is all about multi-tasking; he shoots, somersaults and fires off wisecracks at the same time. Photos: 20th Century Fox

Here are five things, courtesy of 20th Century Fox, to get you ready for the sheer unpredictability of Deadpool. To quote the Merc with a Mouth: “You’ll never believe what happens next.”

Not a hero

Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld created Deadpool as possessing an often non-superheroic attitude, making him a unique figure in the Marvel Universe. Deadpool constantly cracks jokes and is only too happy to tell everyone he’s not a hero.

Deadpool portrayer Ryan Reynolds explains: “Most people have a filtering system in their brain. With Deadpool you get to ignore that and say whatever you want, which is a nice aspect to playing Deadpool.

“He is not a good guy but definitely not a bad guy. Comic-book (heroes) are such goody two shoes. It’s good to see a guy with (guts),” adds Reynolds.

Deadpool is more lithe and agile than many other characters in the Marvel Universe. Liefeld says: “Without even thinking about it, he can drop into a moving car and then take out a small army of tough guys, all the while wisecracking.”

Oh yes, he can.

Read his lips

This guy loooooooves to talk. Rhett Reese, one of the film’s screenwriters, notes: “A lot of comic-book movies almost feel like you could watch them without sound and still get what’s going on. We wanted you to hear Deadpool’s voice and his comedic commentary, so we really embraced dialogue. This is not one of those movies where the hero is silent for 15 minutes. In Deadpool, the other characters can’t get a word in edgewise, because he’s constantly filling silences with lucidly insane cracks.”

deadpool on ride

Break down the walls

Deadpool is completely aware he’s a character in a comic. He even knows he’s in a movie. So he breaks the fourth wall and talks to the audience. Reese tells Collider.com: “... In a way he’s just strangely omniscient, he can talk about the fact that he’s in a movie, he can talk about things that the character wouldn’t know and everyone around him is kind of like, ‘What are you talking about?’ ”

There’s also a joke or two about Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. Reynolds says: “... If you’re making fun of other guys, you should also take a shot at yourself.”

Pretty ugly

Wade Wilson agrees to an experiment that leaves him with scars all over his body and face. Reynolds tells us that it’s a four-hour process just to do the face, six hours to do the face and the arms, and 10 hours to do the whole body.


Lesser-known X-Men member Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) is in the movie because everyone loves her name.
Lesser-known X-Men member Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) is in the movie because everyone loves her name. Photos: 20th Century Fox

Although the days are long because of the make-up process, Reynolds and co-star TJ Miller had a lot of fun filming the scene when Miller’s character Weasel first sees the scarred version of Wade.

Miller recalls: “It’s pretty horrifying to look at. It was difficult for me to talk to Ryan when he was in makeup.

“He’d come over and say, like, ‘TJ, I’m lonely, you know? I need a friend on set.’ And I would say, ‘Get away from me. Your face looks like a roadmap to hell.’ ”

X marks the spot

Deadpool has powerful friends too – in the movie, it’s two X-Men members: Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus.

In an interview with Collider.com, screenwriter Paul Wernick reveals why the lesser-known Negasonic was chosen. “It almost didn’t matter what her powers were, we just loved the name so much.”

If it’s good enough for Deadpool, it’s good enough for us.

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