Her happiness shows

Clinelle has appointed Akademi Fantasia season 6 winner, Stacy Anam, as its ambassador.

Bubbly Stacy Anam looks and behaves like her stage persona — what you see is what you get. She won Akademi Fantasia (AK) season 6 two years ago when she was barely 18 and has since skyrocketed to fame. She received 43% of votes and her song Aku Stacy, became an instant hit.

Aku Stacy topped the charts for 22 weeks and even made it to the final round of Anugerah Juara Lagu, a rare feat for a newcomer. She was declared one of the Most Outstanding Newcomers of 2008.

Last year she was voted second Most Popular Malaysian Artiste, losing to veteran and perennial winner Datuk Siti Nurhaliza by only 1%! She also entered AF history as the first contestant from Sabah to win. Many fans rejoiced with her as her path to fame was hardly a bed of roses.

To support her impoverished family, Stacy was forced to drop out of Form 4 to literally sing for her supper at local clubs. She teamed up with brother Camellus to form E-voke for Gang Starz but they were booted out after the semi-finals. Her star finally shone in AF 6 however. She had the title in the bag when three out of four journalists covering the finals predicted her victory.

At 20, Stacy may seem a wee too young to front a skincare brand.

“Oh, you should have seen my complexion before!” squeals the adorable singer in her lilting Sabah accent.

“I had an uneven complexion and my face was prone to breakouts. It was a vicious cycle as the more foundation, cream and thick make-up I used to cover it up, the worse my skin became. Insufficient sleep made matters worse. I was very stressed. It was on a fateful day some six months ago when she chanced upon Clinelle in a pharmacy.

“I had a breakout and my pimply complexion was upsetting me. I was attracted to Clinelle’s simple promises and affordable pricing. She purchased what would become her current mainstays: the Deep Cleansing Gel to calm irritated skin, Snowhite Mask to brighten and maintain glow, Blemish Clear for problem skin and Eye Bright to reduce eye bags and dark circles.

“The pimples on my nose cleared up and my face was no longer reddish and patchy,” she recalls.

“I was already using Clinelle months before they asked me to be an ambassador.’’

“Clinelle is an American brand but the products are made in France,” says Priscilla Ooi, functional head of business development and marketing of EIG Pharma Asia.

“We chose Stacy as she personifies Clinelle’s philosophy of ‘happy skin means a happy face’.

“Clinelle caters to women and men aged 20 to 45. We have anti-ageing products like the Envinix System featuring RX3 Action. Clinelle is perfect for Asian skin exposed to the sun and harsh environment.’’

At the launch, Stacy gave a preview of her fifth single, Jahat.

Jahat was launched via a video clip on Astro Ria last week.

Her video featured colourful costumes and stunning classical garden sets with cherry blossoms in full bloom.

“It was inspired by Memoirs of a Geisha,” she says. “My fans will see me clad in a kimono!’’

The famous romantic park scene in the film is re-enacted in her flirtation with a handsome army officer. In their colourful kimonos, Stacy and two other geishas sing and dance holding fans as bemused peacocks gaze on.

Shot entirely in Kuala Lumpur, Stacy’s music video is vibrant and catchy and its CGI (computer generated images) of flying planes and Japanese architecture alone cost RM30,000. Her music videos on You Tube already have 450,000 hits.

Few know that this superstar-in-the-making is still under a full scholarship from Limkokwing University.

“I am studying Sound & Music and will graduate next year. And yes, there will be another single to celebrate my convocation!

o The price of Clinelle products

ranges between RM17 and RM80. For more information, visit www.clinelle.com