What’s in store at ntv7

Ntv7’s general manager Airin Zainul reveals what viewers can expect this year.

AS we settle into a new year, ntv7 continues with its “feel good” pro­­­grammes.

At a recent interview, the station’s general manager Airin Zainul (pic) was excited to announce the Golden Awards – touted as the country’s first ever local Chinese television entertainment industry award show.

The award ceremony will be held on Sept 25 and aired live on ntv7. There will be 19 awards in three categories, namely drama, non-drama and viewers’ choice. The nominees will be announced during a media con­­­ference in March after a preliminary judging round conducted by industry professionals.

She also unveiled a very strong line-up on both local and international programming.

“For the local spot, we will continue with the 10pm dramas and we have six strong titles – Friends Forever (now showing), Age Of Glory II, Glowing Embers, The Glittering Days, Neighbourhood and Injustice. They make up the local drama slot, which rates very well. “Every month of the year, we have top international shows of every genre. On the international front, we have great returning shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Bones, CSI and also new series like V, Glee, Drop Dead Diva as well as a local drama Crossings and the return of the Anugerah Industri Malaysia for the 17th year.

“We’re introducing a new belt in the morning to complement the breakfast show, and it is called the ‘women’s belt’ which caters for urban Malaysian women. That’s from 10.30am till noon.”

Chinese TV series

Glowing Embers (March 9): It tells of a small town charcoal production business and stars Debbie Goh, Wymen Yang, Melvin Sia and Henley Hii.

The Glittering Days (April 20): It is about a group of singing enthusiasts played by Felicia Chin, Mimi Gong, William San and Jeffrey Cheng.

Age Of Glory II (June 10) : Tells of a group of mainland Chinese who leave their homeland to settle abroad. Frederick Lee, Leslie Chai and Aenie Wong star.

Injustice (Aug 19): Focuses on three women whose lives are intertwined by fate and features Tiffany Leong, Chris Tong, William San, Alan Yun, and Zzen Zhang.

Neighbourhood (Nov): Revolves around the occupants of a condominium block. Starring Frederick Lee, Danielle Dai, Leslie Chai, Angie Seow and Mayjune Tan.

Sitcoms and variety shows

Women’s Zone Season 2 (March 6): A feel-good women’s lifestyle magazine.

Mr Siao’s Mandarin Class Season 2 (April 1): New season of Chinese sitcom featuring students from various ethnicities learning Mandarin from a teacher named Mr Siao.

Feel Cook Feel Good (August): Apart from highlighting local food, it also features local celebrities.

Magazines and documentaries

Heart Talk (Jan 16): A docudrama that reports on how life goes on for victims of major trauma and how their families cope.

Editor’s Time (April 10): An hour-long talk show hosted by Lee Siad Huey which summarises weekly headlines and features comments by industry experts.

Mandarin Battle Star (May 16): TV game show for primary school pupils hosted by Chan Wei Wei and Lim She Ting.

Siasat Mandarin (October): Award-winning locally-produced Chinese documentary hosted by Wong Luke Tong.